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  • Archive for January, 2007

    Compelling Thoughts…

    I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that the thought of adding Todd Helton to the starting 9 is a very heady idea..but right now, that is pretty much all it is… The big story this weekend is that Colorado has approached the Red Sox about the possibility of trading Todd Helton (and […]

    Seven Weeks!

    That is how long it took for the Sox to work out the “minor language issues” with J.D. Drew and his agent, Lou-Cipher…Apparently the protection the Sox were looking for has been agreed to– the ability to void the contract’s final 2 years if his right shoulder fails in the 3rd year. If aninjury occurs […]

    More of this and that

    And yet another backup catcher: The Sox have agreed to terms for a minor league contract with Kevin Cash, who also has received an invitation to Spring Training. I guess, after last year’s debacle with ‘Tek and Mirabelli, and then having to go and get the completely uninspired and unmotivated JV Lopez to fill in […]

    Bits and Pieces…

    Here is something to set the Roger Clemens fan’s teeth a-grinding–all 3 of them–and I mean FANS, not teeth…If Roger decides on the Skankees–Robinson Cano will give up his #22 so Roger can have his number (he will take 24) Well, DUH…Like the boy would have a CHOICE–is he really going to tell ROGER CLEMENS […]

    This is going way beyond ridiculous…

    How many more days can actually go by without there being anything Red Sox Newsworthy? And there is NUTHIN…the big news today? Oakland Relief pitcher Justin Duchscherer signed a 1-year $1,187,500 contract yesterday….whooo hooo…. It’s gotten so bad that even Stupid Dan hasn’t written a column since January 10–not that I am complaining–I am just […]

    No Trot! Don’t Go!

    I never really imagined Trot leaving…I always thought that Theo would get the STUPID deal done with “Just Dangling” and he would then sign Trot to be at least a utility player.. But, at least if he has to go somewhere, Cleveland isn’t a bad place to go…I like Cleveland, my Dad and friend Warren […]

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