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  • Archive for December, 2006

    Making Boras’ head explode…And other fun Christmas/Hanukkah activities…

    I am thinking that Satan’s head is probably leaking copious amounts of smoke right about now–He can’t get $15-20 million from the Red Sox for Daisuke Matsuzaka, and the whole having him sit in a room full of English speaking folks–and telling him only what he wanted him to hear (or, the “truth” as he […]

    The presents keep coming and coming…

    Whooo Hoo, by the time Christmas gets here, we will be all spoiled…:-) Every day there seems to be a new deal for a new pitcher or such–after a season of disappointments, the off-season has been anything but… In an interesting twist, apparently the “just a formality” physical underwent by J. D. Drew has uncovered […]

    Meriikurisumasu Akagumi Sutokkingu Banmin*

    11 days before Christmas, with the media lining up the block in front of Fenway Park yesterday, their numbers close to 300 (!) and Matsuzaka nearly knocking John Henry on his ass into a mud puddle (!!), Theo did admit this was not an easy deal to consummate. “There were certainly a lot of ups […]

    Welcome to Red Sox Nation, Daisuke-san…

    While we wait for the 5:00pm press conference, and the official word on the signing of Daisuke Matsuzaka, pending a clean physical, natch) Just a few comments: I am so so SO happy about the terms of this deal (6 years $52 million), which breaks down into a little more than $8.5 a year, and […]

    There ARE other things to talk about…

    In a starttling move (at least it was startlying to me) Gabe Kapler announced his retirement from baseball yesterday–at least the playing part. The 31-year old, after playing only 9 major leason seasons, opted to begin his managerial career–with the Red Sox Single-A team in Greenville, S.C, the Drive of the South Atlantic League. Gabe […]

    So….How do you say “Oh Crap” in Japanese???

    The Red Sox Brass, pretty much sick and tired of the BS that is Scott Boras, have arrived on his doorstep to pretty much force a negotiation… To me, a negotiation is where two sides offer and counter offer, making compromises, until a deal is reached. I guess Satan didn’t get that memo–if this shocks […]

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