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  • December 31st, 2006

    December 31, 2006: Happy New Year

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:21 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    ScoreboardWow–the last week has had buptkas as far as Red Sox News–I tried, I really did, but I did not have the heart to try and regurgitate something lame about nothing–How many times can we say “no word on the J.D. Drew deal?” (which still hasn’t been completed yet, DESPITE assurances from Satan himself–yes, I am shocked as well…)

    Got a bunch of Red Sox books for Christmas, so I am looking forward to readng them, and then letting everyone know how they are–so that will hopefully fill the void in the coming months (46 days to Spring training!) while we wait for Red Sox Baseball…

    Some extraordinarily random thoughts as 2006 enters it’s last 10 hours or so…Hopefully Baby New Year is in place, and not run off, so that Rudolph needs to go looking for him again… ;-D

    So, Randy Johnson could not cut it in New York, huh? Apparently the Diamondbacks want him back, and are willing to dance with the devil to do that–I guess they think his 5.00 ERA and 17-11 record for last year will translate into something more reasonable in the NL–and they are probably right…although, since he has the back surgery, his return to he mound timeframe is still undetermined…

    And what about Barry Zito and his $126 million, 7-year contract with the Giants? The most expensive contract for a pitcher? Ever? To Barry Zito? Are you kidding me? Let us look at Barry’s stats for the last 5 years:
    2006: 16W, 10 L, 3.83 ERA
    2005: 14W, 13L, 3.86 ERA
    2004: 11W, 11L, 4.48 ERA
    2003: 14W, 12L 3.30 ERA
    2002: 23W, 5L, 2.75 ERA

    THESE are the stats of a $18 million a year pitcher? The only season of note is 2002, when he won the Cy Young–every year since then? Lackluster…. And the Giants are touting this as the most important contract signing since Barry Bonds??? WOW.there still ARE folks who believe that Scott Boras tells the truth…

    Speaking of delusions: MLB is touting buying your baseball tickets online–and then printing them at home, something that I have done for the last 4 years, since I live about 6 hours from Fenway Park. Every February on the day tickest go on sale, I sit in front of my computer for varying lengths of time, to secure my tickets for the annual pilgrimage…. THIS is what MLB says about buying tickets online: “MLB.com’s online experience provides a fast, easy and efficient way to shop for tickets, as all 30 clubs provide a print-at-home ticket service.”

    Fast? Easy? Efficient? Have these folks ever actuality tried to buy a ticket from THE RED SOX? I have sat in the “Virtual waiting room” everywhere from 3 (a VERY good year) to 10 hours (not so much) waiting for the chance to buy tickets? And once you get there, if the game you are looking for is sold out, guess what? It’s BACK to the virtual waiting room to wait for another game!

    Rumor has it that now that the Skankees may have successfully sent RJ back to the Diamondbacks they will attempt complete their nefarious plot, and reunite heterosexual life partners Andy Petite and Roger Clemens–and ya know what? They can have him. I have not been a fan of Roger Clemens in a LONG time–and I was never very excited about the prospect of having him end his career here–Roger cares NOTHING about any team, or their fans–and never has…he just likes to watch all of the teams jump through hoops (or make skillfully choreographed song and dance videos) to secure his services–and he does what he wants…So, if Fat Boy Roger wants to pitch for the Skankees, or the Red Sox, or the Seibu Lions, that is what he is going to do–don’t invest any feelings in him–NOT WORTH IT! Besides–I kinda like our chances with the rotation we have going now…once we get a closer, I will REALLY like our chances…

    Depending on when/where you have logged in, you may have noticed my site looks different—that is because my bosses at nepablogs.com have changed our web/blog servers to Word Press, which will allow them to grow and do all kinds of neat things…

    On behalf of me at Boston Red Thoughts and everyone here at NEPABlogs.com, I will you a most spectacular and amazing New Year–may 2007 be everything you wish it to be, and more…:-)

    Happy New Year! Be well…

    3 Responses to “December 31, 2006: Happy New Year”

    1. bmoseley07 says:

      Very nice blog. You have a great sense of humor.

      “there still ARE folks who believe that Scott Boras tells the truth…”

      “he just likes to watch all of the teams jump through hoops (or make skillfully choreographed song and dance videos)”

      lol very funny.

      Zito’s deal was a bit out there but he’s stats should improve if you consider that instead of facing a DH every 9 batters, it’ll be an automatic out. Still ridiculus.

      Btw, what are the names of the books you’re going to read? I haven’t read a good baseball book in the while and could use some ideas.

      Happy New Years, Christine.

    2. Christine E. says:

      Johnny Pesky’s “Chosen and Few” is a good choice–I reviewed it around Thanksgiving

      Bill Simmons “Now I can Die in Peace” is also another very good book…

      I got Seth Mnookins book and Jim Caple’s new one around the holiday..started the Caple one–GREAT..and I cannot wait to get into Seth’s..

    3. bmoseley07 says:

      Yea, I read Bill Simmons and Seth Mnookins books. “Now I can Die in Peace” is one of my favorite Red Sox books.

      Mnookins is a good book too. I have a review of the it on my blog where I completely rip the book to shreds. I think I was having a bad day that day or something.

      I haven’t read Johnny Pesky’s book yet, but if it’s any good-which I’m sure it is, I’ll get around to ready that, too.

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