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  • December 22nd, 2006

    Three days to Christmas–and all is quiet

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:20 am in General,Red Sox Comment (1)

    With the exception of Keith Foulke pitching for Cleveland and a couple other things below, there is NUTHIN going on–and probably won’t be until after Christmas…

    Apparently, the Patriots days game will be played at 10:00 in 2007, instead of 11:05, as in previous years. The fans of the team they are playing, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, United States of America, Planet Earth, will get to listen to the game while eating breakfast or driving to work–for them, the game will begin at 7:00am. Hey, I love baseball, but unless I was already up, I would not be up at the ass-crack of dawn to watch a game. Yes, anything prior to 9:00am is the ass-crack of dawn for me…

    And, now it looks like the J.D. Drew (which, I think means, “Just Dangling”) deal will probably not happed until AFTER Christmas…Despite Scott Boras’ vociferous statements that there has never been a more health player than Drew, Theo is still trying for some language to help financially if he cannot meet performance requirements becasue of existing injury to his right shoulder, which was repaired in 2005.

    Since this the 1st the Christmas at “BRT”, and all is quiet, I thought I would try something that I have seen others do on their blog sites….maybe it’ll be cool, maybe it’ll fail miserably, but here goes….

    From now until New Year Day, please feel free to leave a comment asking me ANYTHING…it could be Sox Baseball, it could be the name of my cat, Anything…and I will take some of them and answer them…Of course, this is a family blog, so keep ’em clean (reasonably)..

    And here are some questions for YOU:

    Hair/Eye Color:

    Best advice you have ever heard:

    Best Quote:

    Words or phrases you overuse:

    Thing you Hate:

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Do you like to dance?

    What would be the 1st change you would make if you ruled the world?

    If someone was crying in a movie theatre, would you laugh?

    Would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?

    Are you right or left handed–or both?

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