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  • December 21st, 2006

    Various and Sundry Stuff…

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:51 am in Red Sox Comment (1)

    Can you believe it? A day without a Daisuke article? Be still my heart..Probably couldn’t get his 2nd grade teacher on the phone…

    But in a completely shocking move, Scott Boras is saying that J.D. Drew has been checked out by “…noted experts that have demonstrated that he’s without any condition that would affect him over the five years of the contract…” Well, guess what SATAN, you tell me the sky is blue–I’m gonna check…

    Crazy Eights: The Red Sox signed eight free agents to contracts with Pawtucket for the 2007 campaign and will be at Spring training as non-roster invitees. Of the signees, Jeff Bailey and Luis Jimenez return to the Sox. 1st baseman Bailey lead Pawtucket last year with 22 homers and 82 RBI’s, and Jimenez gets promoted from AA Portland, where he hit 17 homers and 70 RBI in the 2006 season. Rounding out the 8 are Travis Hughes and Alberto Castillo, from the Senators organization, Joe McEwing from the Astros, Ed Rogers from the Oreos, Bobby Scales from the Phillies and Kerry Robins from Kansas City…

    Some good news: the chances are slimmer now that Mark Loretta will go to the Skanks–apparently, they are also looking at Shea Hillenbrand and Doug Mientkiewicz…I think they should go with Shea–can never have too many classless malcontents…he could replace Gary Sheffield….

    Ok, I lied: a story related to Daisuke: The $51.1 million negotiating bid has been paid to the Seibu Lions in a wire transfer from the Sox yesterday. Team president Hidekazu Ota cites a number of improvements to the Lions to benefit from the influx of cash, including ” Strengthening our current team, promoting the development of youth baseball and providing improved services to our fans.” The $51.1 million (or 6 billion yen) are not part of the Sox 2007 payroll, and is not subject to revenue sharing penalties….

    The envelope please…The annual Boston Baseball Writers Association have announced the winners of several of their awards, which will be distributed on January 11th at their annual awards dinner.

    Thomas A. Yawkey Award as Most Valuable Player: David Ortiz (This just does not seem to cover it anymore–has anyone started the Beatification process yet?)
    Judge Emil Fuchs Award for long and meritorious service to baseball: The Commissioner, Peter Gammons
    Red Sox Rookie of the Year: Jonathan Paplebon
    Comeback Player of the Year: Curt Schilling
    Red Sox Pitcher of the Year: Jonathan Paplebon
    Jackie Jensen Hustle Award: Mike Lowell
    Red Sox Fireman of the Year: Jonathan Paplebon (Anyone else see a trend here???)
    Red Sox Minor League Award: Jacoby Ellsbury

    Happy Solstice and Blessed Yule everyone!

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