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  • December 20th, 2006

    No! Not Mark Loretta!

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:41 am in Red Sox No Comments

    It cannot possibly be–can it? Mark Loretta, the 2006 Red Sox stellar all-star 2nd baseman a SKANKEE?? The rumor around town is that he is in talks with the Yankees about moving over to 1st base…what? Giambo not enough of a defensive wiz? He is certainly offensive enough…

    Still not resolution to the J.D. Drew’s contract issues. While the Sox think a deal can still be worked out, they are working hard in an attempt to protect themselves, should Drew lose time becasue of this existing condition. Satan is working equally as hard to stop any attempts by the Sox to change anything, despite the fact that Drew’s arm could quite possibly fall off at some point…Gotta love THOSE ethics…Despite the brouhaha, the Sox are hoping to iron the details out and finalize an agreement before the holidays…

    More More More Matsuzaka: As exciting as the prospect of Daisuke pitching every 5th day for the Sox, there HAS to be something else to talk about….Doesn’t there? Some of the stuff in today’s issue of Daisuke Daily: In Japan, pitchers pitch as part of a 6 man rotation, and only play 136 games in a campaign, which would calculate to about 22-25 starts per season, a good portion less than the 30-35 in 162 games he would be expected to pitch here. As as far as pitch counts go? 100-115 pitches and stop like they do here? Uh huh…when he was in high school, he pitched 17 innings, throwing 250 pitches..250!!! Holy Buckets? and he arm did not fall off WHY? I think this guy is going to be ALOT of fun to watch–will be be Pedro in 1999-2000? Who know, but this is going to get interesting…

    In a new edict from MLB, all medical information, including comments on injuries must go through the GM or the manager. Any trainer of team doctor caught speaking with the media will face fines…

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