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  • December 15th, 2006

    Meriikurisumasu Akagumi Sutokkingu Banmin*

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:15 am in Holiday,Red Sox Comments (6)

    11 days before Christmas, with the media lining up the block in front of Fenway Park yesterday, their numbers close to 300 (!) and Matsuzaka nearly knocking John Henry on his ass into a mud puddle (!!), Theo did admit this was not an easy deal to consummate. “There were certainly a lot of ups and downs as far as the negotiations…But I think all the parties had a common goal…for Daisuke to join the Red Sox and start his major league career.”

    Apparently, at 7:30am on Wednesday, with their departure back to Boston to happen at 9, Theo called Satan and told him their final deal was $52 million/6 years (Boras was looking for $66 for 6, or the $52 for a 4 year deal.) Boras said no…Theo said that was their final offer–and that Daisuke needed to be on the plane, or it was over…

    And then it happened: Satan BLINKED, or Daisuke made him blink, doesn’t really matter–because a little while later, Boras called, and said they were on their way to meet them at the plane…

    The total amount of the contract? $103.1 million, which includes the famous 51.1 million posting fee. This averages out to be $17.18 Million per year. And to just put it in perspective (as if that much money could ever really be put in perspective…) Daisuke was paid $2.75 million by the Seibu Lions for his services last year. Speaking of the Lions, there must be singing and dancing in the streets for them–they have just won the $51.1 million lottery…

    So now, Daisuke Matsuzaka (I am getting much better at spelling it of the top of my head, rather than cutting and pasting…) will wear #18, replacing Skeezy Bastards as the owner of that number…I wonder if I can get “Damon” off the back of my Jersey and replace it with whatever we are going to call him. Speaking of which–Is Matsuzaka his 1st name? In Japanese culture the family name is more important, so that goes 1st –which is why Ichiro is on the back of Suzuki’s Jersey–it’s his last name…) So what is on the back or his Jersey? Daisuke? That would be cool, I’d only have to take the “MON” off the back and replace with (ISUKE)…hmmmmm

    More about John Henry and mud puddle: As Daisuke was getting his tour of the Holy Land, he went out on the field, to the mound, and threw a ball to John Henry, who lost his balance when the ball came at him, almost dumping him in a mud puddle. When asked about it (and you KNEW he would be) he explained: “we didn’t go over the signs. I put down four fingers, expecting a changeup, but he crossed me up.” Let’s just hope he can knock some sorry assed Skankees in some mud puddles….

    So, how many more days until we see him pitch???

    *Merry Christmas Red Sox Nation

    6 Responses to “Meriikurisumasu Akagumi Sutokkingu Banmin*”

    1. kaylee says:

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am so happy we signed him. Can’t wait to see him pitch

    2. laura says:

      Derek Jeter sitting in a mud puddle.. Thanks for giving me that image, it made my day!

    3. Christine E. says:

      Holy Buckets Laura! I never even thought of that, specifically–your right, that is a great image!

      Hope things are going better for you…:-)

      Can the season start soon..Please?

    4. Peter n says:

      Hi there. I loved your last comment! So optimistic, and SO rightfully so. The one missing piece…a TRUE lights out, or nearly so, closer. We have to get the automaticness of last year’s Paps out of our heads…..for now. Theo, you hear me???? Have a great weekend, C.

    5. laura says:

      Thanks Christine, things are starting to get back to normal for sure. And I know, with all this excitement over Matsuzaka, it just makes the offseason seem longer b/c of all the anticipation!

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