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  • December 14th, 2006

    Welcome to Red Sox Nation, Daisuke-san…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:48 pm in Red Sox No Comments

    While we wait for the 5:00pm press conference, and the official word on the signing of Daisuke Matsuzaka, pending a clean physical, natch) Just a few comments:

    I am so so SO happy about the terms of this deal (6 years $52 million), which breaks down into a little more than $8.5 a year, and also contains such incentives as winning Cy Young Awards or being voted MVP that could bump him up and additional $8 million over the 6 year period. The breakdown is: a $2 million signing bonus, $6 million in 07, $8 million in 08, 09, 10 and $10 million for 2011 and 2012..holy buckets! That seems a lifetime away! He also gets perks not included in the $52 Million: a massage therapist, physical therapist, interpreter and personal assistant, as well as 80-90 flights over 6 years, and special housing/transportation arrangements and accommodations for his wife and young daughter.

    All in all , this is a perfectly reasonable amount to give a phenom is Japan, who is totally unproven here. If he is wonderful, this is an AMAZING deal–if he pulls a Jose Contreras with the Skankees…oooooh boy….

    But today is a day for celebrating–the Sox just signed a YOUNG (26) pitcher with a 108-60 record in 204 games, with a 2.95 ERA and 1,355 strikeouts–and our rotation has just improved significantly Can you say KILLER styarting rotation???(age at Begiinning of 07 Campaign): Schilling (40), Matsuzaka (26), Beckett (26) , Papelbon (26), Wakefield (40), and Lester (24) ?? How FREAKING cool is that?

    And one of the coolest things of all? Satan BLINKED…for all of his posturing “If the parties’ positions remain the same, Daisuke will return to Japan”, which is what he said on Monday night, prior to the surprise cross country flight by Theo and Company. He could not get the $15-20 million he was looking for. The deal is actually only a tiny bit more than the original Sox offer of $8 million….hahahahahaha

    The Big Theory? Matsuzaka told Boras to get the deal on–what else could it be? It’s not like Boras suddenly grew a conscience or a heart, or any type of goodwill towards men… I think that Matsuzaka knew this deal had to get done, and he really wants to pitch in major league baseball…so he made him get it done…The fact that the Lions may have threatened to send him to the minors, which would delay the whole free agent thing, may have been a compelling reason to get it done as well…

    Now here is a awful and disturbing thought: Rumor around town is that Chan Ho Park is being looked at as a possible closer for the Sox…wha…WHAT???? Chan Ho Park? Are you KIDDING me? He couldn’t handle the pressure of begin a STARTER–how the hell will he handle being a closer????

    Hope you weren’t packed: Doug Mirabelli was signed for a 1-year/ $750,000 deal, which includes incentives that could make the deal be worth about $1 million. Glad to see we won’t have to trade someone valuable to get him back about 4 games into the season…

    Formal business: Julio Lugo was announced as the newest shortstop of the Red Sox yesterday, agreeing to a 4-year/$36 million deal. J.D. Drew’s contract still has some details to iron out, and since Theo has been a bit busy, his unveiling will take place at a later date…

    My big question: Where the HELL are they going to put all the Japanese media? Remember how crazy it was (and still is) for Matsui and Ichiro? Maybe Shaughnessy can wait outside….tehehehe. To be fair, CHB did write a charming article, welcoming Matsuzaka to Boston, and gave him some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for surviving in the Fens…

    Hey, now that we have 2 Japanese pitchers, can we get some Sushi and Sapporo at Fenway Park?

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