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  • December 13th, 2006

    There ARE other things to talk about…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:15 am in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    In a starttling move (at least it was startlying to me) Gabe Kapler announced his retirement from baseball yesterday–at least the playing part. The 31-year old, after playing only 9 major leason seasons, opted to begin his managerial career–with the Red Sox Single-A team in Greenville, S.C, the Drive of the South Atlantic League. Gabe will replace the Sox new first-base and infield coach Luis Alicea. One of the best human beings to even wear a Sox uniform, Gabe said of this new challenge: “I see the minor leagues not only as a place I can learn and develop but also a place where I’m going to be rewarded emotionally and spiritually. To have an impact on someone’s life can be much more powerful than hitting a home run in a clutch situation, or stealing a base, or making a play. I feel this is going to be more rewarding to me than playing ever was.” His class and sportmanship will be missed…Best of luck to you, Gabe…

    In the never ending Matsuzaka saga–although I guess in about 18-19 hours (from now anyway) it’ll be all over–one way or the other–some say it needs to be over this morning, before the Sox contigent returns to Boston on the private jet–as of this morning, they are still talking, but nothing has happened yet…and Guess what? STILL no sign of Matsuzaka….

    A compelling reason this may get done, despitre Satan: The Lions, whose ENTIRE PAYROLL for 2006 was around $17 million, or one-third of the posting fee, has already earmarked $13.77 million for additional players’ salaries, $12.04 million to upgrade restrooms and clubhouse and $5.12 million to replace their dome’s artificial surface and install field seats. “Not to get all that money would be devastating to the Lions,” said Mel Watabayashi, a special assistant to the president of the Seibu Lions.

    Latest and Greatest Pitch (no pun intended) Boras countered the Sox $8 Million/6 years, with $11 million/ 6 years…so we will see…

    Remember how I mentioned that we in NE Pennsylvania were getting the Skankees farm team, fromerly the Columbus Clippers? They has thsi big ceremony yesterday to unveil the name–Cashman was here, son-in-law to King George was here as well..and youj know what this brain trust cqame up with? The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees…timed prefectly to the opening of the pro/gift shop, so all of the local Skankee fans could get their Jeter and A-Fraud jerseys…I am going to be naseauous…

    Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick….

    One Response to “There ARE other things to talk about…”

    1. Michael Leggett says:

      I feel your pain in your area, Christine:

      I live in DSJ-A-Fraud Land here in NY;

      D-MAT IS OURS!

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