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  • December 11th, 2006

    All there is to talk about…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:51 am in Red Sox Comments (5)

    With less than 4 days left to the get the deal done for Daisuke Matsuzaka, its not looking good–AT ALL…would not be surprised in the least if Satan has some diabolical plan to turn this around and sell him to someone who will pay $14-15+ million a year… I am glad that Theo appears to be holding his ground in the $7-9 million dollar range…but its just a WEIRD situation…Boras is stating that any counter offer will come from Matsuzaka himself, but people are wondering if he has even been told of anything. But the man does not live in a cardboard box down by the river–this is one of the biggest sports stories here and in his country–how could he not read about it? Of course Boras’ comments are all “impact pitcher” “player should not be penalized becasue of a big posting bid” blah blah blah….like he really CARES about this player….yeah, right…UGH–I really cannot STAND that man…

    And again, if Matsuzaka wants to pitch in Major League Baseball SO bad, why doesn’t he tell Boras to get the deal done–this man (using the term loosely) has his LIFE in his hands…he has already done the whole “goodbye I am leaving” to his team and its fans in Japan–how embarrassing will it be if he returns? and how pissed off will the Seibu Lions be, being out of $51.1 million???

    While I am disappointed this deal will probably not get done–I am not surprised..But I will tell you one thing–if he does not sign and then posts again next year–It’ll be a $80-90 million posting fee–and that is just INSANE…

    From the “I cannot believe I am even SAYING this” department: If we don’t sign Matsuzaka, take some of the money and throw it at Fat Boy Roger…IF he decides to not retire again–although trying to separate him from the love of his life, Any Pettitte, who is headed to the Skanks, may be a challenge.

    Tendering The Sox: With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place, all unsigned players on a teams 40-man roster must be tendered a contract by the end of the day. The Sox currently have 18 unsigned. Leading the way is Wily Mo Pena and Kyle Snyder, both of which are eligible for arbitration…

    An interesting thought: If Matsuzaka is signed, chances are he or Josh Beckett would start the 2nd game of the season, after Curt Schilling. If Matsuzaka is chosen to pitch 2nd, he would pitch the home opener on April 10th, which would be a nice welcome into Red Sox Nation. However, the interesting part is: The Sox are playing Seattle, and who leads off for Seattle? Ichiro…How psyched do you think the Japanese people would be if their pride and joy pitcher threw his 1st pitch in Fenway park to their pride and joy right fielder?

    5 Responses to “All there is to talk about…”

    1. peter n says:

      Hi, and I know how tough for you that was to write. I feel almost defeated. And why? Scott Boras(s)’s non-counter offer? Yes…and the uncertainty to this whole thing. It brings frowns instead of smiles, and I’m the SMILE” guy. Take care …Peter

    2. laura says:

      I can’t believe that Matsuzaka is letting Boras screw him like this. You’re right: if he wants to play in the Majors so bad, then why is his agent, the man who is supposed to do things in his best interest, ruining everything? HATE BORAS!

    3. Michael Leggett says:

      I just put my art section to work on Scott Bor***:

      He’s an EXTORTIONIST

    4. Christine E says:

      I cannot WAIT to see what the Art Department comes up with for Satan…:-)

    5. Christine E says:

      I hate Boras as well…and I think Matsuzaka is spineless if he lets his freakin AGENT walk all over him…clearly he does not have his best interest at heart…

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