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  • December 10th, 2006

    Pitching Woes, and other such stuff…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:44 pm in Red Sox,Signings and Trades No Comments

    Well, its not looking good in the never-ending saga to get the best starting rotations in the majors. Satan has pretty much shut down all talks between he and the Sox for the services of Matsuzaka. He was supposed to be coming to Boston, but now, according to Boras, he would only be going the Boras Corporation in LA (so that is what they are calling HELL these days…) where he would be “briefed on the state of the negotiations and will be able to form his own opinions on all matters related to a deal with the Red Sox.” Yeah, who know what Satan is telling him…I don’t know why these players all trust him–I understand he gets them a TON of money, but there ARE more important things than money. And honestly, if there really that much of a difference between $90 and $95 million? Yes, I know, 5 million, but when they are dealing with THAT much money, it cannot be that impactful…

    Why can’t Matsuzaka, when he is “briefed” say to Boras, “Hey, pinhead, you work for me, and I want to play in the major–and they are offering me more money than I will ever spend in this lifetime anyway, so get your ass in gear and get the deal done….

    And if it could not get any better, Andy “I have too many “T’s” in my name” Pettitte, aka Red Sox Killer will be returning to the Skanks for 1 year, valued at $16 million ..and you KNOW his heterosexual life partner, Roger Clemens cannot be far behind…CRAP…

    From the “way to be a teammate” department: in an effort to make newest Red Sox reliever Hideki Okajima feel more comfortable in Boston, Curt Schilling is learning some basic Japanese. Obviously, if Matsuzaka is signed, this will benefit him as well. “I’m trying to learn the language because I have gone to play winter ball in foreign countries not knowing the native language,” said Schilling. “It’s an incredibly uncomfortable experience…there’s nothing like your teammates making the effort, and it’s the least I can do to help communicate with them.” Pitching coach John Farrell is learning the language as well…

    Terry Francona and Jason Varitek weigh in on the whole Julio Logo thing: Said Tito: “Julio Lugo is a guy we’ve kind of had our eye on for the last couple of years. No one is going to play shortstop like Gonzo, that’s a given. Now saying that, we’ve also got a lead off hitter, a guy that can maybe steal 40 bases and do things offensively we didn’t have before..for me, when you look at the total package, we’ll get more out of our shortstop than we did before.” From ‘Tek: “He’s filling a void with us losing Gonzalez, but Julio brings a spunky shortstop. He’s turned himself into a very tough out. He’s very competitive and does things on the base paths to create things.” That is all well and good, but what are they suppose dot say? “yeah, we think 10 of him aren’t worth 1 of A-Gon”? Never happen…While I am feeling better about the whole JD Drew thing (except the money–too much for to damn long…) I still am actively hating the Loogie stuff….

    The Winter meetings are over, and Manny Ramirez remains with the Sox, and while the buzz is that the could still be traded, I think the possibility of that decreases with every passing day. That is all well and good, but what happens at Spring Training when he makes good on his threats and does not show up to play?

    112 days to Opening Day, 15 ’til Christmas…

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