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  • December 3rd, 2006

    Foulke..YES…Everyone else…No???

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:02 pm in Baseball,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comments (2)

    Friday night, midnight, was the deadline for the Sox to offer arbitration to their free agents: Loretta, Trot, Foulke, Gabe Kapler, Doug Mirabelli, and A-Gon.

    Even tho A-Gon has already signed with the Reds, the Sox offered him arbitration so they would get a supplemental draft choice as compensation. And, since Foulke has already turned down the $7.25 million player option for the 2007 campaign, no one is expecting him to accept arbitration, which will give the Sox yet another draft pick.

    Which leaves Trot, Gabe, Mirabelli and Loretta–none of which were offered arbitration, effectively ending their time with the Sox. Up until the last minute, it was believed that the team would offer arbitration to Trot, but apparently they changed their mind…

    Mark Loretta expressed his disappointment that he will not be returning to the Sox, but is not surprised at the events: “It’s disappointing in a way because I enjoyed myself tremendously in Boston…I loved the fans, loved playing there and, even though things didn’t finish the way we’d hoped, I felt I was a productive part of the team… (But) they said they’d rather go with (Dustin) Pedroia rather than keep him in the minors and I can understand that…”

    Gabe Kapler will probably be re-signed as some point (They did not offer him artbitartion last year, either) but with regard to Mirabelli: I really hope they find someone this time to catch Wake–and not do what they did last year…

    Kicking off today in sunny Orlando Florida, here’s hoping the Winter meetings will be very productive for the Sox. It looks like the ridiculous offer for JD Drew (who I have heard called a more expensive version of Trot Nixon) is all but signed, and they still have their hearts set on overpaying for Julio Lugo(looking like $8 million+++ for a bunch of years….UGH…)

    Hopefully the “Will Manny stay or not?” question will be answered–FINALLY. It’s getting to the point where I don’t CARE what happens…I just want it to be OVER–one way or the other…Manny just came out with his annual “I won’t report to Spring Training if I am still with the Sox” proclamation..Hell, this is getting to be as regular as Christmas…

    With 11 days remaining to sign Matsuzaka things are not looking good–the latest and greatest? 6 years at $12 million a year…making the total deal $123.1 Million, or $20.51 million a year…for a completely untested in the MLB pitcher…While the $51.1 million would not be part of the actual salary of the Matsuzaka, it’s still part of the investment. And with Satan on the other side, its not going to get any easier–or more reasonable…tick tock tick tock…

    Any thoughts that the rumors that Kevin Millar would be returning to the Sox to bring life to the clubhouse (and perhaps tempt Manny from wanting to leave) can now be laid to rest, as Millar re-signed with the Oreos for a 1-year contract worth $2.75 million with an option for 2008.

    And the Winter Meetings continue…

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