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  • Archive for December, 2006

    December 31, 2006: Happy New Year

    Wow–the last week has had buptkas as far as Red Sox News–I tried, I really did, but I did not have the heart to try and regurgitate something lame about nothing–How many times can we say “no word on the J.D. Drew deal?” (which still hasn’t been completed yet, DESPITE assurances from Satan himself–yes, I […]

    Happy Holidays Red Sox Nation…

    On behalf of Boston Red Thoughts, and from all of us at NEPABlogs, may your holiday be filled with peace, love, happiness, and light…

    My answers…

    In the interest of fairness, here are my Answers:

    Three days to Christmas–and all is quiet

    With the exception of Keith Foulke pitching for Cleveland and a couple other things below, there is NUTHIN going on–and probably won’t be until after Christmas… Apparently, the Patriots days game will be played at 10:00 in 2007, instead of 11:05, as in previous years. The fans of the team they are playing, The Los […]

    Various and Sundry Stuff…

    Can you believe it? A day without a Daisuke article? Be still my heart..Probably couldn’t get his 2nd grade teacher on the phone… But in a completely shocking move, Scott Boras is saying that J.D. Drew has been checked out by “…noted experts that have demonstrated that he’s without any condition that would affect him […]

    No! Not Mark Loretta!

    It cannot possibly be–can it? Mark Loretta, the 2006 Red Sox stellar all-star 2nd baseman a SKANKEE?? The rumor around town is that he is in talks with the Yankees about moving over to 1st base…what? Giambo not enough of a defensive wiz? He is certainly offensive enough… Still not resolution to the J.D. Drew’s […]

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