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  • Archive for November, 2006

    42 million–Is the Magic Number??

    The Commissioner, Peter Gammons, reported yesterday that he has heard from several sources that the Sox have the top bid of $42 million to win the rights to negotiate with Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka. While there is still no official word (as much as people would like to think there is) rumors are running rampant […]

    A watched stove takes longer to get hot…

    …But when it does…Look out! Holy Buckets!! I have tech week for a show, and look what happens! The Stove is getting hot! Whoooo Hooo! Random thoughts–after the last week–all I got at this point…:-) : You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that the Sox are possibly the highest […]

    You know it’s a slow Red Sox week when…

    Lenny DiNardo and his 6 inning scoreless streak in the Arizona Fall League is the lead news on the official Sox page. Playing for the Peoria Javelinas worked a nearly perfect inning, walking 1 while striking out 3. He is 1-0 with a 2.79 ERA in 7 games. Deadline to bid on Japanese pitching phenom […]

    Very little Red Sox Baseball to Talk about…

    Hey Theo! Would you so something, please? Its been 5 days since the WS ended….what are you waiting for? And hiring another Kansas City Castoff (although Kyle Snyder did work out) is not my idea of a big event… Ben at Top Prospect Alert sent this along this morning: Boston Red Sox Top 10 Prospect […]

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