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  • November 29th, 2006

    What is happening to the Red Sox??

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:42 am in Baseball,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comments (4)

    Has Theo been abducted by aliens? Has John Henry had a full frontal lobotomy? Is Larry Lucchino smoking crack? Should I be looking for pods in the basement?

    What happened to the Red Sox ownership and management that would not limit themselves with long and bloated contracts, opting to sign players to a one or two year contract. “Special” players such as Big Papi and ‘Tek would get a little longer, but no one was getting $14 million a year FOR 5 YEARS, for a total of $70 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

    This is the number that reportedly JD Drew will be getting to man right field for the Sox–this is for a player who spends more time that I am comfortable with on the DL(7 times in the last 8 years). While he is an above-average player when he is healthly (having an OPS of .946 for the last 3 seasons), there is also the whispers of “bad attitude” and “clubhouse cancer”. The Sox have worked very hard to make Boston a place where players want to play, unlike the “25 players/25 cabs” mentality that was pervasive just a few years ago–we don’t need no stinkin malcontent…

    And is he really worth $16 million more than we were willing pay skeezy bastard for the same 4 years? And is he really worth the same $16 million more than Jason Varitek, our fearless leader?

    And while I am glad we have the rights to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka–$51.1 MILLION to just TALK to the guy? And now Satan wants $15 million a year for 3 years, and then he can become a free agent,which essentially means the Sox take all the risks–and then by the time he is an established success (IF he becomes an established success) he will be gone to another team who will pay a ridiculous amount of money for his services. None of this should come as a shock to anyone–Boras will throw a player under a bus–he has in the past–JD Drew and Jason Varietk are two prime exampale–both of them started baseball a year later than they could have, becasue Boras did not get the deal he wanted…You don’t think he would let that happen again, if the Sox don’t pony up? I do–in a heartbeat…

    Has the 3rd place finish freaked everyone out so much, that they have reverted to the crazy spending with bad results that has plagued many Red Sox regimes in the past? If you want an indication that trying to buy a pennant DOES NOT WORK–look at the Skankees–a BILLION dollars in the last 5 years–and what do they have to show for it?–They have gotten to the World Series ONCE, and lost to the Marlins…

    So STOP IT–RIGHT NOW, Theo and Company…this is crazy crap!

    4 Responses to “What is happening to the Red Sox??”

    1. laura says:

      I think Theo should take a poll of all the Sox fans, consider the results, and then just ask us what to do.

    2. kaylee says:

      I am starting to wonder the same thing. They are definitely going in a different direction now.

      As for Daisuke matsuzaka and JD Drew Boras is their agent what so you expect of course they are going to stretch out their wealth.


    3. Christine E says:

      Thank you for your comments, ladies..I was beginning to think I was going crazy with regard to the Sox (I KNOW I am crazy with regard to other things…LOL)

      In Theo we trust…I guess…

    4. Michael Leggett says:

      Beware of Larry Lucchino:

      He may just be as dumb as Steve Phillips;

      That means that George COSTANZA could do a better job, than either 1 of them.

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