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  • November 28th, 2006

    Manny sides to the coin

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:12 pm in General No Comments

    With all of the stuff floating around out there, its hard to figure out what could be true and what is not…

    This whole many thing is getting nuttier than usual–I don’t know what to think. Yes, Manny is abundantly unhappy in Boston, and wants to leave, and with the crazy-assed spending going on in this off-season ($136 million for SORIANO???) the $38 million remaining on his contract, does seem like a bargain (How SAD is it that we consider $38 MILLION DOLLARS–more money that me and everyone I know combined will ever make, or even SEE–to be a bargain…)but I am not a total believer. Do I want him to go? That depends. If we are going to get the pouty “I can’t play ’cause my knee hurts” Manny, as we did at the end of last year–he can go, and I will not feel badly about it at all. Is he going to go out there and do his job and protect David Ortiz and hit 35 homers and 100 RBI’s? Then we need to keep him. Unfortunately, you never know what you are going to get with Manny–and most of the time, neither does Manny. Yeah, I know, not a great revelation there–I guess the bottom line for me is I will assume he will be on the roster–until he is not, then we will go from there…

    And what is turning out to be a total shocker (yeah, right) the negotiations between Daisuke Matsuzaka are not going well because what SATAN has proposed as a 1st volley is TWICE what the Sox threw out there as THEIR 1st volley…I know, a shocker. The latest today has Larry Lucchino in Japan: “We have sent a formal offer to Matsuzaka and his agent Scott Boras. I believe it is fair and comprehensive, and offers a great deal of security and a substantial level of compensation.” Unfortunately, the Sox idea of a substantial level of compensation, and Satan’s are two different things…16.5 days folks…anything can happen…

    A rumor around town is that the Sox and the Skanks are fighting over Greg Zaun as backup catcher–Greg Zaun–GREG ZAUN??? Are you kidding me??? He was all cranky last year because he was the backup catcher, and turned down $6 million to stay with the Blue Jays for 2 more years–let the Skanks have him…

    Speaking of which: And WHAT is UP with he Skankees? Not that I mind, but it seems like they are not getting involved with the big deals this year. I know it’s early, but the only deal they seem to have done is the 2 year $32 MILLION for Mussina… Where is King George freaking out and spending money like water? Where is all the drama?

    December 1 is the arbitration deadline for teams and their free agents; Only if they offer arbitration and the player signs somewhere else, would the signing team gives up a draft choices as compensation.

    Not only are the Red Sox smoking crack with regards to Julio Lugo, apparently, the Giants, Cubs and the team he is currently with, the Dodgers are as well. I reallyREALLY hope one of those teams offer him a deal better than the Sox–horrible to say, I know, but I think Lugo is a HUGE mistake–and expects to me paid a TON on money…spend it on something worthwhile..Like getting Pokey back!

    Maybe things will get interesting once the Winter Meetings start…Cause, with the exception of the $51.1, it’s been pretty boring…

    How many more days ’til Spring Training?

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