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  • November 22nd, 2006

    The only thing better would have been Big Papi…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:50 am in General Comments (2)

    Receiving 15 1st Place votes, Justin Morneau was announced as the AL’s MVP Award winner yesterday, beating out the CAPT-ain! for the honor….whoooooo hoooo! Yeah, I know, Big Papi placed 3rd, but the general concensus was that it was his to lose, and the complete and utter collaspe of the Sox led to this conclusion. Not to take anything away from Morneau, who hit .321 with 34 homers, and 130 RBI’s

    Funny thing about the MVP’s this year–they made less than $750,000 this year–COMBINED…Morneau made $385K, and Phillies Ryan Howard made $355K…talk about value for you dollar.

    And for those who think Jeter actually DESERVED this award–WHY??? And don’t tell me it’s how he kept the team together when Matsui and Sheffield went down–or that he deserves it because of all of his past accomplishments and he is due…PUHLEESE…He already won an award he has no business getting this year–the Golden Glove…

    22 Days…and Counting…..

    2 Responses to “The only thing better would have been Big Papi…”

    1. Peter N says:

      I know…I heard that weirdness salary stuff on espn…..the best player won, although with all the votes the Twins received, how’d they lose!!!!!

    2. Michael Leggett says:

      I am gratified that the “Drivel” guy didn’t get it despite the campaigns of YES & FOX:


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