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  • November 20th, 2006

    One Gon, How Many More to go?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:08 am in General Comment (1)

    Well, the rumors were true: Alex Gonzalez will join Bronson Arroyo in a Cincinnati Reds uniform next year, agreeing to a 3-year $14 million deal, which will be finalized pending a physical. A-Gon, while one of the best defensive shortstops the Sox have ever had, with only seven errors and a .985 fielding percentage in 2006, he batted .255 with nine home runs and 50 RBIs in 111 games with Boston. Unfortunately, this is only slightly lower than his career numbers: a .246 hitter with only a .292 on-base percentage for his career.

    It’s believed the Sox front office is looking for a shortstop with a stronger bat..and, unfortunately, it seems that it will probably be Julio Lugo, formerly of Tampa Bay, but most recently spent 1/2 a season with the Dodgers…Why can’t we get someone else???

    Apparently, the idea of trading Manny isn’t so crazy after all: The Rangers have been asking about Manny, and it appears they are very serious…The Sox would be looking for a replacement for his bat, maybe a multi team deal with Colorado to acquire Todd Helton. The Sox have been looking at Texas closer Akinori Otsuka. Manny’s agent Greg Genske is silent on the whole Manny front: “Sorry, but there’s absolutely no news on Manny.” in response to questions. Theo said it would take a creative deal to move Manny–Do we need to add some glitter and construction paper? Maybe a set of those safety scissors?

    Welcome Back Cora: The Sox signed Alex Cora to a 2-year $4 million contract this weekend. Since arriving in Boston from Cleveland in July, 2005, Cora has hit .254 in 143 games. In 2006 he started 47 games at short, 10 at 2nd and 4 at 3rd base, and committed just 7 errors in 292 chances for a .976 fielding %
    There is alot of strong buzz that J.D Drew was offered a 2-year $30 million contract with the Sox, and that he is expected to accept–despite rumors that Satan (yeah, Boras is his agent too…ewwww) is asking for 4 years/$56 million for the 30 year old.

    I am getting a bit concerned about the free and easy spending Theo and company seem to be engaging in (the $51.1 million bid and all) while its reported that Brian Cashman and the Skanks are looking to lower payroll and get younger, utilizing players already in their system–While I am glad we got the rights to bid on Matsuzaka, I am still a bit concerned on how things are playing out right now–I have no desire to be like the Skanks in terms of spending foolishly for aging all-stars–especially since we KNOW it doesn’t work…I guess we will have to see how it all plays out….

    Speaking of paying ridiculous amounts of money: the Cubs and Alfonso Soriano have a agreed to a 8 year $136 million dollar contract this weekend–and average of $17 million dollars a year–WHAT is the attraction to HIM??? He has a CRUMMY attitude, and he strikes out a TON..I am just glad it was not the Sox who are stuck with a contract like that–I have never liked him–he is one of the few players that my disliked for him continued after he left the Skanks…

    Looks like Nomar has found a home..near his home…being close to an multi-year agreement with the LA Dodgers–apparently, the Skanks have thrown their hat into the ring, but since he is so happy with the Dodgers, and they are happy with him, doesn’t look like anything will come of that…

    The MVP announcement happens tomorrow–But it’s not looking good…

    One Response to “One Gon, How Many More to go?”

    1. Laura says:

      .985. And they let him go. Next year, I will still be talking about the Gonz, especially when the new SS makes errors!

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