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  • November 15th, 2006

    So, what is the next step?

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:43 am in General Comments (3)

    The winning bid was $51,100,000 (I just wanted to see what the number actually looked like…) or 6,010,000,000 (billion)yen–Holy Buckets!That is more than Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Tampa Bay and Florida has for their opening day payrolls in 2006!!!

    Here is how the other bids played out:

    Mets: $35,000,000 +

    Yankees $30,000,000 +

    Rangers: $27,000,000 +

    So, I wonder how it feels to the Skanks to be THIRD, behind their 2 nemesis teams?

    Matsuzaka, Satan and the Sox have until midnight on December 15 to come to an agreement. If an agreement is made, the 51.11 million is due within 5 days of the agreement date–If Satan is an unreasonable jerk (shocking thought, I know…) Matsuzaka has to go back to Japan and pitch for a very PO Lions team who lost out on $51+ million. The deal they are looking for? 3-4 years at 10-14 million per–which could end up being more than $100 mil…

    And he already has a nickname: D-Mats…UGH…

    But just THINK of next years rotation: Schilling, Samuel Beckett, Papal Blessing, Matsuzaka and Wake–with Tavarez doing some spot starts–and if Theo signs another decent 4-5th starter, and Jon Lester comes back…WOW…

    For $20 million a year, we’ll include a lifetime supply of Advil: While conceding he is talented ( “…I like the guy…He’s got a lot of ability.”)Phillies GM Pat Gillick has pretty much echoed the sentiment of the other teams who could possible afford Manny and his multi million dollar contract. Gillick was quoted as saying Manny wasn’t a “headache we want to deal with.” More and more, it looks like Manny will continue to patrol left field, and bat behind Ortiz in the line up. Personally, I am ambivalent about the whole thing–Yes, Manny is a wonderful hitter, but hit attitude and antics have become more and more tiresome as the years go by…Not sure the good outweighs the bad anymore…

    Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble…

    3 Responses to “So, what is the next step?”

    1. laura says:

      Maybe those comments will make Manny realize what everyone REALLY thinks about his antics.

      I can’t believe the Yanks only bid $30 mil and expected that to be the high bid. Fools!

    2. Christine E says:

      Unfortunately, Laura, with Manny it’s one of two things…:

      He does not give a big rats ass what people think of him


      Is so oblivious to everything except himself that the idea people find his behaviour distasteful is not even on his radar…

      Yeah, The Yankeess really blew it on this one..tehehehehe….

      Go Sox!

    3. Michael Leggett says:

      To think The Mets OUTBID George Steinbrenner is Sweet Music:

      &, I do take on the Mets In Print Nemesis, & Steinbrenner Marketing Partner, that Rupert Murdoch Paper, which can be used for lining Cat-Litter Boxes, for their Race-Baiting way they’ve covered the Mets Stadium Deal, the NY Post, an in print version of FOX;

      I’m waiting for “FOX Saturday Baseball” Useless Toady, that Red Hair Dye #2-Wearing Bitter Old Man, Tim “Master Of The Obvious” Mc Carver, to try a hatchet job on behalf of that Australian Dude, Murdoch, who only became a Citizen of this Country, to buy a TV Network, which has that Comedy Series, “FOX Saturday Baseball” which does a great job of covering everything but THE GAME, itself.

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