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  • November 14th, 2006

    42 million–Is the Magic Number??

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:07 am in General No Comments

    The Commissioner, Peter Gammons, reported yesterday that he has heard from several sources that the Sox have the top bid of $42 million to win the rights to negotiate with Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka. While there is still no official word (as much as people would like to think there is) rumors are running rampant and probably will until 8 p.m. tonight, EST, when the Seibu Lions of the Japanese league will announce they have accepted a posting fee, allowing the pitcher to become a free agent. Major League Baseball will send out PR at the same time, announcing the winning team…

    I still cannot freaking BELIEVE we possibly beat the Skankees on this one…and if we did..how cool is that? And even if we cannot come to some kind of deal with Matsuzaka and his agent, Satan, its still a good thing, cause he will be returned to Japan and the money will be returned to the Sox…and the Skanks would have to wait until next year….

    Another interesting thought–supposedly Matsuzaka wants to play for the Skanks–if he refuses a deal, he is going to royally PO the Seibu Lions, who will not get the 42 million (or whatever the number is) That would not make for a happy work environment for him for next season…

    Theo has 2 mystery free agents (2 pitchers) whom he had made formal offers to…Who could the pitchers be? A starter like Barry Zito, also a client of Satan (I hope not…)? Jason Schmidt? (would be nice) Ted Lilly? (UGH) Or perhaps the often talked about Mark Mulder? Or perhaps Gil-ga Meche? Maybe even someone to bolster the bullpen? Could we actually have a chance to sign a premier closer like Eric Gagne or Scott Schoeneweis?

    Staffing Stuff: Gary Tuck has been named Red Sox bullpen coach, after spending the 2006 campaign as Bench Coach to Joe Girardi for the Florida Marlins–and we all know how that worked out–crew cut boy got fired and now will be a commentator for YES, where he can comment about how icky facial and long hair are…With Friar Tuck’s hiring, looks like Al Nipper is done–although he could appear somewhere else in the organization…This leaves only the 1st Base Coach position in limbo, as Bill Haselmen and the Sox have agreed to part ways…

    The Coach staff as it stands: 3rd Base Coach: Demarlo Hale, Bench Coach: Brad Mills, Hitting Coach: Dave Magadan, Pitching Coach: John Farrell, Bullpen Coach: Gary Tuck.

    The Red Sox released the 2007 Spring Training schedule yesterday, and announced that ticket prices at City of Palms Park in Fort Myers, FL will remain as they have for the last 3 years. The schedule includes 17 “home” games.

    Citifield??? :The Mets and Citigroup Inc. have agreed on a 20-year sponsorship deal for the team’s new ballpark which includes a buttload of money ($20 million+/average each year) and stadium naming rights. These are the most expensive stadium naming rights in US history–the previous being the $10 million annually the NFL’s Houston Texans receive from Reliant Energy to call their home Reliant Stadium. Mets have played at Shea since 1964, which was named for William A. Shea, a lawyer who helped bring NL baseball back to New York.”Citifield” is scheduled to be completed for the 2009 campaign.

    Less than 9 hours to Matsuzaka-Time…

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