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  • November 13th, 2006

    A watched stove takes longer to get hot…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:46 am in General Comments (2)

    …But when it does…Look out!

    Holy Buckets!! I have tech week for a show, and look what happens! The Stove is getting hot! Whoooo Hooo!

    Random thoughts–after the last week–all I got at this point…:-) :

    You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that the Sox are possibly the highest bidder for Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka! Could we have possibly out bid the SKANKEES???? I cannot believe it–but I guess we will know soon enough–the Seibu Lions’ board of directors will meet Tuesday morning (Japanese time) to mull over the bids submitted. They will then hold a press conference tonight at approximately 8 p.m. EST. If the Sox ARE the winning bidder, King George’s head will explode–and if we sign him–we will have THREE pitchers in their mid 20’s–Beckett, Paplebon and Matsuzaka–and when Jon Lester makes it back–it’ll be 4….whooo hooo!!

    And what about J.D. Drew’s decision to forego the $33 million guaranteed remaining on his Dodgers contract? Does he really think he is going to get more than $11 million a year? Maybe he will, but holy buckets–why isn’t $33 MILLION enough??

    Theo is still on the fence as to whether Dustin Pedroia is ready to be an everyday player at The Show–so there is a chance that Mark Loretta will be back–if the Mets don’t get him 1st…

    The Boston chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America will give out the following awards at their annual dinner on January 11th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center: The Jackie Jensen Award for spirit and desire: Mike Lowell; Pitcher of the Year, Fireman of the Year and Rookie of the Year: Jonathan Papelbon–If you want to go, tickets are $125…

    Back from the Dead–maybe: While Matt Clement is having good progress with regard to his recovery from the right labrum and rotator cuff surgery he had in September, the earliest he would be able to return to action (and this is if everyone continues to go perfectly) is the All-Star break. Hey, when you have that much damage, these things take time…

    Pitcher Jermaine Van Buren and infielder/outfielder Alejandro Machado have signed with the Washington Nationals. Watch–Jermaine will have a 1.62 ERA with the club (he had an 11+ ERA with the Sox…)

    I am not completely shocked that Keith Foulke opted to try free agency–I think Boston is a bit too intense for him. I think it was fine while he was dominant and we were winning, but once things started to get rough, he wasn’t so happy anymore. He wants to go and play closer to his home in Arizona–Hope he likes pitching in front of 3,000 people everyday…

    From Cranky Yankee to….Truculent Tiger? Gary Sheffield will NOT be playing 1st base for the Tigers, whom he was traded to by the Skankees for 3 pitching prospects and a bag of baseballs…The Serial Killer got a $28 million contract extension through 2009 and will more than likely spend his time as a DH

    I wonder if I will dislike him as much, now that he will be out of a Skankee uniform–its funny, alot of the Skankees I hated when they played for the team, I don’t have that much of a problem with, once they go to another team–I think I would hate Jeter tho–no matter what the uniform…

    Thankfully, someone has a brain–SOMEWHERE: Manny (his 8th) and Big Papi (his 3rd–in a row..) have won Silver Slugger Awards, given to the top offensive performer at each position. The awards are given annually by Hillerich & Bradsby Co., the maker of Louisville Slugger bats.

    Can you believe, Thanksgiving is next week??? Three years ago on that fateful holiday, Theo was sitting down for the most important Turkey day meal of his life–at the Schilling Residence…

    2 Responses to “A watched stove takes longer to get hot…”

    1. Peter N says:

      And the watched pot WILL boil. And we’ll be there! Watching…take care…

    2. Peter N says:

      I know, Christine…this is SUCH an exciting time! I can’t wait for 8pm tonight (Tuesday). Great stuff! I’m watching that pot with ya! And it WILL boil. OVER!!!

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