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  • Archive for October, 2006

    Mets 4, Cardinals 2 This is it…

    Make no mistake where you are This is it Your back’s to the corner This is it You make the choice of how it goes This is it The waiting is over This is it No one can tell what the future holds This is it…** The Mets did the semi-impossible last night. With the […]

    Mets 2, Cardinals 4 I don’t have a good feeling about this…

    Tom Glavine, star of the best Nike commercial EVER was not as effective as he was in Game 1, when he threw 7 strong… in his 4+ innings last night, only 1/2 of his 80 pitches for strikes, allowing three runs and seven hits, including a home run to Mr. Snotface–Albert “I wanna be an […]

    Tigers 8, Oakland 3 Mets 0, Cardinals 5 Mets 12, Cardinal 5 Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad…

    The Tigers sweep! Whooo Hooo! and now they have a week to rest, recuperate and get Zumaya’s arm back in shape for the BIG show… I predicted the Tigers in 5, guess I gave Choakland a bit too much credit… And the Mets came alive in the “must win” game last night, pummeling the Cardinals […]

    Detroit 5, Oakland 1 Detroit 8, Oakland 5 Detroit 3, Oakland 0 Standing on a Precipice…

    Some random thoughts as Detroit Leads 3-0 in the ALCS… Since the Red Sox made the greatest comeback in sports history (aided in a big part by the greatest choke in sport history…) every team on the verge of elimination think they actually have a chance to turn it around… It’s hard to believe that […]

    A Message from my Bosses at NEPABlogs…

    Hello, all wonderful posters of comments at BostonRedThoughts.com! My Bosses at NEPABlogs (which is the blog network BRT is hosted from) has recently sent down a rule with regard to all of their blogs: Comments posted to any NEPABlogs Blog site must not contain any direct marketing for any other blog not a part of […]

    Tigers 5, Oakland 1 Winning by Proxy

    Hey, if the Sox can’t be in the postseason, the Tigers are the next best thing…as far as I am concerned anyway…:-) All of you folks (especially Theo) who are getting the brilliant idea Barry Zito is WORTH the 15 million dollars a year his agent thinks he is worth, look at last night’s game: […]

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