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  • October 31st, 2006

    Happy New Year!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:24 pm in General Comment (1)

    On the Olde Celtic Calendar, Halloween (or Samhain) is considered the ending of one year, and the beginning of another…

    And there is not a more fitting thing to celebrate that Tim Wakefield returning for his 13th year with the Sox. The team picked up the 2007 option worth $4 million for the 40 year-old this week. Wake was 7-11, with a 4.63 ERA in 23 starts in the 2006 campaign–which sounds pretty crappy, but if you look at the fact that in those 11 loses, his run support was 6 runs–for the total 11 games…YUK…He currently matches Fat Boy Roger and Bob Stanley for the longest time as a pitcher in a Red Sox uniform… I have always been a HUGE fan of Wake’s–so glad he will be on the mound for the Sox in 2007…

    The day after the World Series to November 11th is the timeframe for players to file for Free Agency. Over 60 players have thus far, out of a possible 200 eligible. 5 Sox players have filed thus far: Alex Gonzalez, Mark Loretta, Doug Mirabelli, Trot Nixon and Gabe Kapler…

    And if I ask the Magic 8 Ball who will return of the group above? Gabe Kapler, and that is about it…

    The new Collective bargaining agreement will make it easier for teams to sign their own free agents. The old rule required that teams to either sign the players by December 8th, or wait until May 1st, well into the season…The new agreement would suspend this deadline, allowing the incumbent team the same access to a player as any other team…

    Holy Land Update: Although Fenway Park is still the most expensive place to see a game, that price will not go up this year–for most everyone…The Sox announced that over 80% of the current ticket prices will not increase for the 2007 season. The tickets that will? The expensive stuff in the MC Club, State Street Pavilion, dugout and field box seats.

    Pedro on the Mend: Word has it that Pedro is actually ahead of schedule in his rehab from the rotator cuff surgery he has at the end of the season, which could also mean a return to action sooner that the projected All Star break. And, as suspected, this was just an exacerbation of the injury he sustained in 2001, when he chose rest and rehab over surgery…

    Wow…how many times do you actually get to the use word “exacerbation” in a sentence? And in a sports blog no less!

    Tick Tock: The Sox have until November 9th to pick up Keith Foulke’s $7.5 million option. If the Sox opt not to, Foulke then has 14 days to pick up HIS $3.75 million option. You would think that this decision would be a no-brainer–but with Keith Foulke, nothing is ever cut and dried…”Keith hasn’t made a decision,” agent Dan Horwits said. “It’s a long thought process that involves staying there, moving on back closer to his home, staying close to his family (or) staying with people on the team he knows from the last few years.”

    An article in the Lebanon Daily News in PA makes a compelling argument to returning baseball to 154 games, from the current 162, which was implemented in 1961. With the advent of a longer postseason, the World Series is practically into November. To wit: “If baseball is supposed to be about pitching and hitting and fielding, and if the World Series is supposed to be the showcase event, playing games in near-freezing temperatures makes no sense, since the weather will have a decided effect on every aspect of the game.”

    The ‘Stove is heating up…what will Theo do??

    One Response to “Happy New Year!”

    1. Peter N says:

      Same to you!!! I’m here every day…you’re addictive. Hope I am too…..

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