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  • October 27th, 2006

    Tigers 4, Cardinal 5 On the Eve of Destruction…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:22 pm in General Comments (4)

    Has anyone else noticed that home-field advantage the AL won in July, because the All Star game “counts”, is pretty much doing bupkus for the AL team??? At this rate…the Tigers won’t even GET to a game 6 at home…

    I really thought the Tigers were going to win last night’s game…but if you have to get beat by someone–I would take David Eckstein any day of the week.

    I 1st watched him play in 2002, when he helped the Angels defeat the Barry Bonds and the Giants in the World Series—How is that for a David and Goliath story? Last night in the 8th with the score tied at 4, and Joel Zumaya throwing 99 mph fastballs, Eckstein turned on one of those fastballs and strokes a liner off Craig Monroe’s glove for an RBI double. In a instant, it’s 5-4 cardinals and it was all over except the shouting…

    Do you know: If this Cardinals team wins the World Series, they will be the World Champions with the WORST regular season record (83-79, a .512 winning percentage) in the history of the sport? Hell, no one ever even though they would get here–after having a late season meltdown, barely making it to the postseason…

    While I am still rooting for the Tigers to come back to life and take the next 3, which is what they have to do to win it–you can’t take anything away from the Lounge Lizard and his Cardinal team–They are getting the job done–and may actually pull this off–and cap off a postseason that must be giving the Gambling World fits…

    RIP, Edward F. Kenney, the Red Sox farm director who, for 30 years, produced such Red Sox talent as Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, Ellis Burks, Jeff Bagwell, Curt Schilling, Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens. Kenny died in his home in Braintree yesterday. He was 85.

    A Crankee Yankee is the best kind (well, next to a LOSING one…): The Skanks picked up Gary Sheffield’s $13 million option this week, but instead of being happy about it, he is anything but…”I don’t know what they’re going to do,” Sheffield said. “Maybe they picked it up just to trade me. If they do that, if I just go a team for one year, there’s going to be a problem. This will not work, this will not work at all. I will not do this.” Apparently, Serial Killer wants a 3-year deal–and since the Skanks have exercised his option, they can keep him for 1 year, or trade him to acquire someone who can actually PLAY 1st base…tehehehehe…

    From the “I am going to be ill” Department: In September, when the Sox and their fans were watching the wheels come off the bus, MLB held their internet voting for the Hank Aaron award, given each year to the outstanding offensive player in each league. Well, if your looking for the most offensive player, then I guess the best man won in the AL–Jeets! Unfortunately, I think they mean hitting, so that is pretty sucky, since anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that the winner should be big Papi. The CAPT-ain got 37% of the vote…the Phillies Ryan Howard got the nod in the NL…But why should this surprise anyone? These are the same fans who keep voting A-Fraud in at 3rd base for the All-Star game…

    Tonight: Game 5: 8:27pm Could this possibly be the last baseball game of 2006? Go Tigers!

    4 Responses to “Tigers 4, Cardinal 5 On the Eve of Destruction…”

    1. Peter N says:

      ’06 baseball coming to an end? You are so right. And I think Leyland might be making a fatal error in not starting KR. “Hey Jim? Let’s save him for tomorrow. Oh….wait a minute…what if there IS no tomrrow.” That’s what I’d say to him….we shall see. And Christine, thank you for being a fan. Have a great weekend…Peter

    2. Michelle says:

      As much as I love my Cards, it just sounds like something they’d do (win the WS with the least amount of regular season wins ever). We couldn’t win the title in the two 100+ wins seasons, but we can come back from an 83 wins situation and possibly do this? Leave it to us. We like defying the odds.

      I must say I have a feeling the Tigers will fight pretty darn hard tonight. They’d be able to win a game if they’d quit DEFEATING THEMSELVES.

    3. kaylee says:

      CARDS MIGHT WIN TONIGHT AND IF THEY DO I WILL BE HAPPY(even though I like the tigers better)

      I think leyland is making a mistake not using rogers tonight.

      I remember today in 04 quite well It was amazing!


    4. Peter N says:

      And then, now, the Cards are the Champs…they did everyting better!

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