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  • October 25th, 2006

    Tigers 0, Cardinals 5 Well, this is not going as expected…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:02 am in General Comments (3)


    In the last 3 games, the Tigers have scored a total of FIVE runs..the Cardinals? THIRTEEN. And so now the Tigers are down, 2 games to 1, and I am not feeling confident…

    OK, let me ‘splain, no, take too long, let me sum up…

    This has been the goofiest postseason ever–analysis and prediction have gone right out the window…The teams that were “supposed” to win, haven’t (although in the case of the Skankees, that can only be a good thing…)

    People are going absolutely CAT SH*T about this whole Kenny Rogers “smudge-gate” thing, so I guess its times for me to weigh in…

    Biggest thing: IT’S OVER…Lounge Lizard had the opportunity to make an issue out of it AND CHOSE NOT TO…for whatever reason…Was it because he is good friends with Jim Leyland? Probably not. Did not not want this to overshadow the World Series, the LAST FEW GAMES OF BASEBALL in 2006? More than likely… Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. And the strangest thing of all? The fans that are getting crazy and rabid over this are fans of OTHER teams than the Tigers and the Cardinals!

    Some inalienable truths as to why I CHOSE to root for the Tigers:

    The Tigers were the AL team I liked best in the postseason (The Mets were the NL Team)

    They beat and humiliated the Skankees

    The fact that, 3 years ago, they had lost 120 games…120 games!!

    You gotta love a cantankerous 785 year old manager who smokes 14 packs of cigarettes a day…

    The organization did the right thing and dropped the alleged woman beater Dmitri Young, and if the allegations are true, I hope he never gets another job in baseball…Here that, Phillies???

    I have never really liked the Cardinals–its not a all consuming dislike–I. Just. Don’t. Like. Them. Just like I don’t like Oakland and the Skankees (ok, the Skankees I hate with an all consuming passion…)

    I am not suddenly going to start cheering for the Cardinals because I don’t like what Kenny Rogers did, or didn’t do…and here’s a thought: If Lounge Lizard did in fact, believe he was cheating and chose to do nothing about it, thereby enabling the cheating to continue–isn’t that just as bad?

    Here’s another thought: What happens if they get to a Game 6, and Kenny pitches again, with no dirty palm, and pitches brilliantly? Then what?

    Also, a compelling argument can be made that even though he washed his hands after the 1st inning he still pitched 7 more innings of brilliant baseball. And yes, I read Eric Wilbur’s blog, about even though he washed his hands, the residue could still have remained…

    Did Kenny Rogers cheat? I have no idea, maybe, maybe not, If he did, that sucks, ’cause it’s overshadowing the World Series. If he didn’t, that sucks, ’cause it’s overshadowing the World Series…

    And one more thing: I am a RED SOX FAN…I refuse to get all worked up over my bandwagon team…And Speaking of the Sox…

    Apparently Mike Timlin has inked 1-year deal to stay with the Sox. The 40-year-old setup man will receive a salary of $2.8 million, plus incentives. In his four years in Boston he’s appeared in 297 games. Not sure if thsi is a godo thing, or a bad thing…we’ll see…

    Tonight: Game 4, in St Louis, 8:27pm…Why can’t we get a game that starts at a decent hour? 7:00pm was good enough during the regular season…

    3 Responses to “Tigers 0, Cardinals 5 Well, this is not going as expected…”

    1. Michelle says:

      Hi again!

      I just wanted to “weigh in” on Staingate too. You’re right, other teams’ fans are more concerned with it than us Cardinals fans. We’re over it, I mean, my Lord, it’s Game 4 already tonight. Kenny Rogers shut us down plain and simple. LaRussa knows that (and can be quoted as to something to that affect) and Cardinal Nation knows it. Unfortunately, the media likes to find something to monopolize off of and this year they found it on Kenny Rogers’ hand. I just wish all of the fairweather fans wouldn’t support the media’s ridiculous exploitation of the incident – but what can I do? I’m just one Redbird Girl.

      I am going to say that I’m sick of everyone underestimating and downing the Cardinals. We deserve any accolades thrown our way. We’ve been the underdogs for this entire postseason and it’s a little frustrating. The Cards are a good team and you can’t deny that. I understand you don’t like them, and that’s your prerogative, but you still have to give them their dues. It’s not so AMAZING that they won two of the WS games – it just isn’t. I know what everyone says – “the Cards only won 83 games in the regular season”. Who gives a hoot? We had a completely different line up and postseason is a whole new season in my mind. Anyway, I’ll shut up now…thanks for listening, guess I was just venting.

      Keep up the good work on the blog!

    2. Christine E says:

      Hi Michelle:

      Thanks again for your comments…it gives me/us a unique perspective from an actual Cardinals fan–something I don’t really have a ton of exposure to, living in NE PA..:-)

      And while I don’t plan on rooting for the Cardinals–you’re right–they are getting the job done…:-)

    3. Peter N says:

      Michelle, I agree. I’m an everyday reader of Christine, and I WAS rooting for the Tigers. By the way, I am a Sox fan…the Red ones. And the only reason I cannot root for the Cards is because they were responsible for my first huge baseball defeat. Bob Gibson and company, 1967. I was just a little kid, but oh how the Red Sox took over that summer of Sgt. Pepper, 1967. The Cards were too good…..so after the KR fiasco, I have no one to root for. But I do write a baseball blog, so I watch the games. Take care, and hi Christine. Great comment Michelle!!

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