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  • October 18th, 2006

    Mets 2, Cardinals 4 I don’t have a good feeling about this…

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:51 am in General Comments (3)

    Tom Glavine, star of the best Nike commercial EVER was not as effective as he was in Game 1, when he threw 7 strong… in his 4+ innings last night, only 1/2 of his 80 pitches for strikes, allowing three runs and seven hits, including a home run to Mr. Snotface–Albert “I wanna be an surly assclown like Barry Bonds” Poo Holes…

    And while the Mets will be at home where their karma and fans live, tonight they face Cardinals’ ace Chris Carpenter, and counter with rookie John Maine..reverse lock anyone?

    And then tomorrow is even more interesting…Jeff Suppan, (yeah, the same one who picthed for the Sox–and tanked-and then made that spectacular mental mistake for the Cardinals during the 2004 World Series to help the Sox seal the sweep) vs someone…the most likely candidate being Darren Oliver, (another Red Sox castoff) who was less than stellar with 6 other teams, including the Rangers–twice..and did I mention, it would be his 1st start of the season???

    Top 4 things that Irk me about the Cardinals…(only 4, ’cause I could not think of anymore off the top of my head..)

    4. Albert Pujols (if it looks like a jerk, and acts like a jerk, and talks like a jerk, chances are…)

    3. The fact they make it to the postseason ALL THE TIME, but can’t get the job done…

    2. Tony La Russa’s sun glasses (yeah, I know, he probably has some horribly eye eating disease, requiring sunglasses 24/7, and I am making fun of his sunglasses….yeah, I suck…but c’mon, they make him look like a lounge singer…)

    1. Their fans–talk about a bunch of spineless wusses…they are so positive and cheery and SUPPORTIVE all the time, never questioning, complaining, or booing–UGH…why don’t you go and watch the world series of knitting or something…there is no passion there…they give baseball fans a bad name…

    And some Red Sox News…(Imagine That!)

    Theo finally has a signed contract! After working without one for a better part of a year, Theo agreed to (and signed) the 3-year $4.5 million deal he originally was offered when he left last October.

    When asked about the plans for the future, including the free agents, Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Manny being manny..somewhere else, Theo demurred, but did say this:
    “The primary goal is to be able to develop home-grown talent and integrate it on the major league roster…there’s a strong desire to have a competitive team every single year. It’s a little more difficult to be patient. It doesn’t make it any less important. For us to be the organization we want to be, we have to be good at being patient.”

    Tonight: Mets vs the Cardinals, Game 6, New York City: C’mon Mets–gotta get it done!

    3 Responses to “Mets 2, Cardinals 4 I don’t have a good feeling about this…”

    1. Michelle says:

      4. What, exactly, makes AP a jerk anyway? I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing he wouldn’t be such a jerk if he played for the Red Sox?

      3. I’d rather get to the playoffs 10 seasons in a row and not win the WS than win it all one year and suck for the next 9.

      2. I’ll have to agree with you on the sunglasses – he does look like a lounge singer.

      1. I’m really hoping you’re being sarcastic on this one. I don’t see where being positive, cheery and supportive constitutes a bad fan. Why are we “spineless wusses” because we back our team no matter what? And, how often have you been to a game at Busch? How often have you been to any Cardinals games? How is it that you know we don’t question, boo or harrass our own team members (we don’t, but I’m just curious as to what you’re basing your comment off)? How does bashing your own team make you a better fan? Please enlighten me as to what makes the best fan. Again, I’m hoping that was a mere sarcasm, but in case it wasn’t…

    2. Christine E says:

      Hi Michelle:

      Thanks for your comments..:-)
      1. I really would not want AP on the Red Sox–I think he is a bad citizen…I think his comments with regard to Tom Glavine and Game 1 were in very bad taste–I understand, heat of the moment, but when he was asked about them a day later–he stood by them–I think it was a case of poor sportsmanship…

      Don’t have an answer for you on #2..Just my opinion

      The comments with regard to the fans are semi sarcastic…However, my limited exposure to the Cardinal fan base (TV internet and print) leads me to believe that many of them are far too passive–and just accept everything–good bad or indifferent. Do I think being a maniac is being a good fan? No, but I don’t think blind acceptance is the way to go either…

      Again, thanks for your comments!

    3. Peter N says:

      Extra Extra…Mets strike back…force game seven. What October baseball is all about.

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