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  • October 11th, 2006

    Tigers 5, Oakland 1 Winning by Proxy

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:18 pm in General Comments (5)

    Hey, if the Sox can’t be in the postseason, the Tigers are the next best thing…as far as I am concerned anyway…:-)

    All of you folks (especially Theo) who are getting the brilliant idea Barry Zito is WORTH the 15 million dollars a year his agent thinks he is worth, look at last night’s game: 3.2IP, 7H, 5ER, 3BB and 0 SO, throwing 92 pitches…And the scoring includes not 1 but TWO solo shots, one by Brandon Inge, and one by Ivan Rodriguez.

    Personally, I think Barry Zito would be an excellent fit with the Skankees–aging pitcher past his prime, was once an all-star/Cy Young Award winner, but now really doesn’t get the job done anymore…oh, and wants a salary that FAR outweighs his worth–Sounds like a match made in heaven!

    Nothing would make me happier than if it was a Tigers/Mets World Series (well, except if the Sox were there…) If its an Oakland/Cardinal Series..I won’t watch one game…

    And I think the Tigers’ have the stones to do it–they just need to win 3 more games…

    I think: The Tigers in 6…

    Whoo Hooo…Stop the Presses! King George will allow Torre so stay for one more year–but he had better win a World Series! Yeah, there is a great revelation…

    Ya know, if I were Joe Torre, I would have told Steinbrenner “Bite Me” and left–a LONG time ago…he treats him like crap–publicly humiliates and undermines him on a regular basis…and Joe STILL puts up with it…That is sad….

    And its not like Torre would not be able to find work–He would be in high demand–and I would have LOVED to have seen Lou Pinella deal with the lifeless Yankees…Now THAT would be comedy!

    The Mets and the Cardinals begin the NLCS tonight: I think: The Mets in 5…

    And make sure you stop by my Batterymates listed on my homepage–they have some great stuff to share as well…

    Coming up: Both games at 8:19pm..Wonder why Fox allowed that…..

    5 Responses to “Tigers 5, Oakland 1 Winning by Proxy”

    1. Peter N says:

      FOX decision…RATINGS. Although a 4pm-8pm 2 game set would have been ideal for most of the baseball LOVERS in this country would be so much happier. So it goes to the Tigers and the A’s to step down into coverage on XFX…with no hi-def and less viewership. While the Mets and St. Louis get the showcase FOXHD treatment. While half of us suffer…..somewhat….

    2. Christine E says:

      Thanks for the info, Peter, did not get a chance to find out why until after I posted..:-)

      Go Tigers/Mets!

    3. kaylee says:

      that is terrible news about CORY LIDLE for his family and the yankees.


    4. Christine E says:

      Holy Buckets! Thanks for the info, Kaylee..I was out all evening and came home and read abouy Cory Lidle

      Our thoughts go out to Cory Lidle’s family at this time..

      kind of put things in perspective…

    5. kaylee says:

      yes it does really put things in perspective.

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