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  • October 8th, 2006

    Tigers 8, Skanks 3 More Comedy

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:10 am in General Comments (4)

    Some random stuff for the files:

    File under the “How Pathetic” Department; “We still are the best team,” said Johnny Damon after the loss last night. “The best team doesn’t always win.” So, Skeezy Bastard, what exactly is your definition of “best”?

    Under the Super Play Department: The superb catch Craig Monroe made in the 9th to rob Gary Sheffield of a single…and how about Gary’s lame=o miss of Jeter’s catch???

    The Dollars and Sense Department: Assembling a team of All Stars and Mercenaries for more than 2 HUNDRED MILLION dollars is not a guaratee of anything–obviously–they never once played with heart..Why? I am glad you asked: Cause they do not have any…vs the Tigers, an 80 MILLION dollar team that played with HEART..Guess the old agage is true–Money CAN’T buy everything…

    Bandwagon Fans Department: When the Skanks arrived at Yankees Staudious late last night, they were greeted by LESS THAN A DOZEN fans…..Apparently the NY Police that were hired to contraol the mazzsive cowds expected, outnumbered the fans…excuse me…



    So the feel good wild card team of 2006, the Tigers, will move on to play the Oakland A’s, who battled demons of their own to get the the ALCS…starting Tuesday, October 10, at 8:00pm on FOX…

    In other News: The Mets swept the Dogers with a 9-5 victory last night, while the Padres will live to see another day by beating the Cardinals 3-1 yesterday..They play tonight at 8:09pm.

    How much do you think it drives King George and the Skakee camp that NUTSO that their bastard red-headed stepsister (the Mets) get to advance and they don’t? tehehehehehe

    Here how it is shaping up:

    ALCS: Detriot Togers vs the Oaklad A’s

    NLCS: NY Mets vs The Cardinals or the Padres…

    Let the games begin!

    4 Responses to “Tigers 8, Skanks 3 More Comedy”

    1. Michael Leggett says:

      To that jackass Yankee Fan in a Queens Deli, who jammed a finger in my face crowing about a Yankees World Championship on September 1st, one day before I went to see Red Sox-Blue Jays at Fenway Park:

      I wonder where he jammed that finger on Saturday Evening?

    2. Christine E says:

      Here Here!

      Could not have said it better myself..:-)

      Go Tigers!

    3. Kaylee says:

      Alright GO TIGERS AND METS! And Damon win a world series ring with the yankees before you bad mouth the other MLB teams!! GO TIGERS AND METS!

    4. kaylee says:

      Well looks like BARRY was a little wild tonight and NATE HAS MADE ME PROUD!

      GO TIGERS!

      I am so excited


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