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  • October 5th, 2006

    October 5, 2006 Short, (and not so Short) Hops…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:52 am in General Comments (5)

    I feel sorry for the Mets–First Pedro’s arm falls off (although everyone knew (except the Mets, apparently), it was only a matter of time) and now El Duque is down with a mnuscle tear in his calf… Unfortunately, when you are 71 years old and still playing baseball, injuries like this can happen…Problem is, I think the Mets could have won it all…I doubt any of the other AAAA teams (aka the NL) can beat the American League on the Big Stage..I could be wrong..and that is why we play 5 in the ALDS, 7 in the ALCS and 7 in the World Series–anything can happen in a short series…and they DID win their 1st game against Derek Lowe and the Dodgers, 6-5, thanks to Carlos Delgado, and a bizarro double play at the plate…

    WHAT is going on with the Twins? they are down in their series with Oakland 0-2! Not that is any indication of anything. Before the greatest choke in history by the Skanks in 2004, (Wow, saying that, even 2 years later, STILL gives me the warm and fuzzies…:-) Oakland consistently could not get it done, or even get out of the 1st round of playoffs–I think they are 0-9 in advancement in the post season…Case in point: in 2003, the Sox were down 0-2 and were heading home to be swept by Oakland–2 games (and a bunch of freaking WEIRDO plays) later, the Sox are back on a plane to CA to play (and win) game # 5 and sending them to NY for the 2003 ALCS..which we do not need to talk about…Oakland…cannot…get…it…done…It will be interesting to see if the Twins can come back and win…

    How funny is it that the only hit A-Fraud has gotten so far is a single, after the Skanks were leading 5-0? Can he EVER come up with a clutch hit? Bases loaded, and the Skanks down by 2, he gets an out..Team leading 13-5? He’ll hit a grand slam–it’s uncanny…and hopefully will continue…

    As the playoff trudge along without the Red Sox, Stupid Dan continues to spooge all over the Skankees: “Curse the Yankees and Mets all you want; you’ve got to love any city that can serve as host for two baseball playoff games in the same day/night.” Uh, Stupid Dan, actually , I don’t… Why do you write for the Boston Globe? or, more to the point, why does the Boston Globe PAY YOU to write for them??? You should go write for the National Enquirer, or the Star–they like your kind of “reporting” over there…

    And the Skanks continue their “classy and winning” (read: cheating) ways: Apparently, the Skanks knew well before the Tigers last night that the game would be postponed because of pain. Fortunately, their starting pitcher, Justin Verlander had not completed his warm up, only throwing a number of long tosses, as this could have boogered him up for this afternoon’s game. The way he found out? A member of the ground crew at Skankee stadium let him know. (The poor man was probably fired today…)And where was Skankee starter (and resident whiner) Mike Mussina at this time? Not warming up, although he would have pitched 1st… MLB’s response? ” “I can’t say it was simultaneously, but cell phones don’t work at the bottom of this building. So we sent people to both clubs and let them know what we were thinking at the same time.” Uh Huh…Yeah…

    And what about the tactic they have be practicing for years? Baby New Year comes out and sings the 45 minute extended dance remix of “God Bless America” during the 7th inning, making the opposing team’s pitcher sit for an extended period of time…Now, I am not unpatriotic–the “Star Spangled Banner” makes me tear up every time I hear it, and I know that Ron Gardenhire (of the Twins) got hate mail when he questioned it…But is making it the same version that every other ball park used make is so much less unpatriotic? No.. So, if you plan on sending me a nasty gram, saying I am a commie-pinko, save it, ’cause I am not–honoring our country and the men and women who fight for it, I wholeheartedly agree with and support, but using it as a strategy to to undermine the other team? Not so much…

    And do not even get me started about Giambo…It’s 40 degrees out, and he looks like he spent 45 minutes in a sauna–in a fur coat–he is so…greasy…And every time he hits a homerun, I want to puke..Every game the Skankees won because Giambo did something, while he was on steroids, is not a good win…But who CARES! As long as the Skankees win, doesn’t matter how–does it Jeets?

    But of course, Jeets is above reproach, cause he likes Michigan and brushes his teeth after every meal!!

    How much does it SUCK that Rudy Seanez is freakin in the Postseason???

    And how about Cla Meredith? He had like a 59.00 ERA when he pitched for the Sox…now its like 00.71!!!

    Oooooh Boy, its going to be a LONG month…

    5 Responses to “October 5, 2006 Short, (and not so Short) Hops…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      Hey Christine,
      YES it sucks that RUDY SEANEZ is in the posteason.And that he is actually pitching quite well.

    2. KAYLEE says:

      YES i DID not as much tho

    3. Christine E says:

      I know the bet was $50.00 last time…what is it this time?

      I still think your nuts, dating a Yankee fan…LOL


    4. Peter N says:

      Yes, but if he gets out of line, she has a cast as a weapon. I’m just kidding, Kaylee. And Christine, your post was really great…..and now, tonight in Detroit, magic might happen. I tried to predict what might happen, with other thoughts. Just a Friday post, but I love your comments. Happy weekend, made happier if my prediction comes to pass.

    5. Michael Leggett says:

      El Duque was advertized as 27 by DFYankees in Y2K:

      How does 6=14;

      Yankees Math!

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