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  • October 2nd, 2006

    Red Sox 9, Oreos 0 Blog Entry # 100… A Very good way to end a season…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:00 am in General Comments (7)

    A sucky thing: Devern Hansack was in the midst of a no-no and they had to call it because of rain. Unfortunately, a rules change in 1991 requires a no-hitter must be at least nine innings. But it WAS credited as a complete-game shutout, the first by the Sox since August 12, 2004, when Pedro Martinez blanked Tampa Bay.

    As it was, I thought that perhaps the game would not even happen, and that would have been awful to end the season with a loss…And without being able to say goodbye to Trot and Mark Loretta, who, unless a miracle occurs will be playing for other teams next season, much as it pains me to say it…

    Sox finished the 2006 campaign 86-76, a .530 winning percentage. and in third place behind New York and Toronto in the American League East. You know what? I am ok with that…Not sure if 2004 has tempered me or what…but I have made my peace with the 2006 Red Sox…

    What makes me proud about this season is , with all the trials and tribulations, they could have crumbled and descended into bitching and moaning and kvetching, and been an embarrassment to the fans and the Red Sox. But, for the most part, they conducted themselves with grace and class, and went out there and did what they could with what they had. And while the outcome wasn’t what we expected, we can be proud to be members of Red Sox Nation…

    And no one makes me prouder than Trot Nixon: “I’m going to look forward to what the future has in store for me and my family. Obviously, if I’m not here next year, a lot of these guys I’ve played with are going to be on my mind. This is not going to be a situation where I hold any ill-will or upset with the organization because maybe they don’t want me. It’s professional sports. You’re going to have turnover.” Hear THAT Johnny Damon, you skeezy bastard? THIS is what class is all about….

    I am sure there will be alot of goings on during the off-season, and plenty for me to write and bitch about….maybe not every day…But I will be around…

    Tonight: Some good stuff on NESN, including a retrospective on David Ortiz, and “The Remy’s”…but no Red Sox baseball…feels weird to write that…

    7 Responses to “Red Sox 9, Oreos 0 Blog Entry # 100… A Very good way to end a season…”

    1. Peter N says:

      9 to 10pm on NESN should be fun tonight. DVR is all set up, plus I’m taping it for a blogger friend up in Canada. Take care

    2. Christine E says:

      Yeah, got my TiVo ready as well..:-)

      And what about the Sox letting go Papa Jack AND Dave Wallace?? That sucks!

    3. Michael Leggett says:

      Wallace Stabilized The Pitching when he returned:

      Please, No;

      NOT Nipper, Again!

    4. Christine E says:

      Yeah, I know, not looking forward to a whole season of Nipper either…

      And I think getting rid of Papa Jack is the definition of insanity…

    5. Michael Leggett says:

      Christine E?

      Right above the “RemDawg” link, you’ve been added to my blog.

    6. Michael Leggett says:

      Unfortunately, Postseason is a sad time of year, ESPECIALLY when some dude, who has people coming up with web sites, calling for his annihilation, will be engaged in “________ Worship”, as well as his bursts of “Verbal Flatulence”, which will cause Wee Children to wail like Banshees & Grown Men to Openly Weep In The Streets:

      Need I say that it’s time for “Tim Mc Carver Postseason On FOX”?

    7. kaylee says:

      I am back writing even though it is painful I wrote a post today.but i manage anyways i am not fond of nipper either but what can we do?

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