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  • October 1st, 2006

    Red Sox 4, Oreos 5 A melding of my two worlds…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:11 pm in General No Comments

    We’d Like To Thank You Michael Timlin**

    Today we’re looking at our last game
    Today we’re hoping for a win
    Today we’re booking tomorrow’s golf games
    Who knew we could end up below the Twins?

    I used to love to watch the playoffs
    I spent my fall watching the Fox network
    I used to be so very happy
    Now I get to watch the NY fans acts like jerks

    We’d like to thank you Michael Timlin
    For blowing yet another save
    We’d like to thank you Michael Timlin
    You helped place us in 3rd today!

    The division was just a 8 weeks away
    And the Yankees were number two
    Then you went in and really blew it
    And if you now look at the standings
    You need to put a TEN in front of that two!

    They offered us Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle
    We’d paid attention and we passed
    So now we sit on the sidelines
    And hope the Skanks get kicked in the ass

    Now I know we can not blame you
    For every problem and every fuss
    But Mikey you did not help things
    When you threw your teammates under the bus!!

    (Hey Mikey)

    You left behind a mournful nation
    So Mikey we tip our caps to you
    We’re filled with dreadful anticipation
    When Tito point his hand to you!

    We’d like to thank you, Michael Timlin
    For blowing all those saves
    Your pitches didn’t work
    You acted like a jerk
    You helped make us what we are today!

    (Come and get it Mikey!!)

    Today: Devern Hansack vs Hayden Penn vs 2:05pm: This is it…

    **With apologies and thanks to Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin

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