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  • Archive for September, 2006

    Red Sox 7, Blue Jays 1 Today, it’s all about Julian Tavarez…

    Throwing only the 2nd complete game the Sox have had this season (Wake had the other in April..) Julian Tavarez was nothing short of brilliant in his start (and finish) last night…His Line? I am glad you asked: 9IP, 7H, 1R/ER, 1BB/SO, throwing 99 pitches, 60 for strikes….He also had a complete game against the […]

    Red Sox 6, Minnesota 0 It’s all about The Papi

    Josh Beckett pitched 8 strong, and Big Papi hit TWO home runs, to bring his total to 52…to beat Minnesota to keep the dream alive–if only for one more day, as the Twin’s magic number for the wild card is 1… Some fun Papi facts: The 10 player in the history of the American League […]

    September 21, 2006, 7:25pm David Ortiz makes history…

    …by hitting his 51st home run on a 1st pitch fastball by Johan Santana in the 1st inning. Big Papi has surpassed Jimmie Fox for the single season home run record, which has been in force since 1938… Congrats Big Papi! Was a a bit dusty in the house when it happened… Addendum: How STRANGE […]

    Red Sox 2, Twins 8 How can we lose to a guy named Boof???

    Congratulations Big Papi! With 2 outs in the 6th inning, a homer into the center field seats, breaking the 1-1 tie and placing David Ortiz right next to Jimmie Foxx at 50–the most home runs hit by anyone who ever wore the Red Sox Uniform. “To be able to witness it day in and day […]

    Red Sox 3, Twins 7 11 and 49…

    The two magic numbers of the day….11 more games to go, and the number of homers Big Papi is sitting at–and everyone is all worked up about 1 more….but that would only TIE him–he actually needs TWO more to surpass Jimmie Foxx for the club record…and unfortunately, he did not fare so well last night, […]

    Red Sox 5, Skankees 4 And that is 3 of 4…

    I know, I know, it means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things…But to RSN, it means a TON…to wit: They did not clinch while we were in the house! They now have to go on the road, and celebrate in one of 2 baseball hotbeds–Toronto, or Tampa Bay… Yeah, sure, they are TRUE […]

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