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  • September 28th, 2006

    Red Sox 0, Tampa Bay 11 No 2nd Place for you!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:27 pm in General Comment (1)

    What a CRAPPY Birthday present for Johnny Pesky! UGH…

    And while the whole dedication thing of Pesky’s Pole was a nice gesture, the ceremony was a bit lackluster…and what was up with that poem? That was almost as bad as that guy who sang that dreadful song during the WS ring ceremony in 2005. Johnny Pesky is a class act, and deserved better…

    Crazy eights: Holy buckets! Josh Beckett had been pitching so very well lately, effectively shutting down the Twins last week, and then THIS… 6.2IP, 8 H, 8R/ER, 1BB 8SO and 2HR, throwing 92 picthes, 65 for strikes..Ugly Ugly UGLY…

    And while we are at it: The 9-run 7th inning by Tampa Bay last night is the most runs given up in an inning by the Sox since the 10-4 loss to Atlanta on July 4, 2004. The Sox gave up 9 runs in the 5th inning…

    I guess we were all wrong about Matt Clement–No, not that he is a head case, the fact that it was the headcase part which was causing him not to be able to pitch…You know the saying “If he throws one more pitch, his arm will fall off?” Apparently Matt Clement’s arm was not that far off—details are still sketchy (they are saving he is too groggy to give permission to release his medical records–2 days after the surgery–Yeah…) But his agent is saying he had a tear in the labrum, and suffered damage to his rotator cuff…He will be immobilized for months before he can even think about throwing. While he will be able to pitch again, the 2007 campaign will more than likely be

    It’s either one or the other-can’t have both: Offense AND defense, I mean. Hell, it certainly SEEMS that way…we can either have a hard hitting player, who is less than stellar offensively (eg: Nomar) or a lighting hitting player, who IS stellar defensively…(eg: A-Gon, The OC) Case in point, our offense has all but left us, with the exception of Big Papi and a few guys every once in a while, but the Sox have broken the record for errorless games in a season with 105 (and counting) The 98 Oreos and the 99 Mets shared the old record of 104…When we were beating the crap out of everyone offensivley (like last year) we has a hell of a lot more errors–coincidence, or something

    Last nights shutout win was Tim Corcoran’s (Tampa Bay) 1st win since July 9…Well, isn’t THAT special?? SO glad we can help a young man on his way…ARGH…

    Tomorrow: Julian Tavarez vs Erik Bedard 7:05pm–The third to last game of the season…

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