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  • September 20th, 2006

    Red Sox 3, Twins 7 11 and 49…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:46 am in General No Comments

    The two magic numbers of the day….11 more games to go, and the number of homers Big Papi is sitting at–and everyone is all worked up about 1 more….but that would only TIE him–he actually needs TWO more to surpass Jimmie Foxx for the club record…and unfortunately, he did not fare so well last night, battling the flu, and going 0-5 with 3 strikeouts against the Twins…One bright spot in last night’s game: Lenny DiNardo tossed 3.2 scoreless innings in relief of Tim Wakefield…

    I was so heartened to see Matt Garza’s record (1-5) thinking we could maybe get a win, but when I heard D.O. say that no one but Eric Hinske (0-1) has ever even seen him before–and knowing how poorly the Red Sox usually fare against newbie pitchers..I was not hopeful…and of course, the 3-run homer by Jason Bartlett and the 2-run homer by Torii (with 2 “I’s”–what is UP with that???) Hunter didn’t help either….

    Welcome Back Commissioner: Beloved Peter Gammons will be back on the air tonight, reporting from Fenway Park,and appearing on ESPN’s “Sports Center” and “Baseball Tonight”. Still recovering from a brain aneurysm that happened in late June, he will not return reporting full time yet…I saw something written on-line that sums up brilliantly the Sox 2006 Campaign: “A season so full of injuries, even Peter Gammons was on the DL”

    And yet another rookie starter: Starting for the Sox on Saturday will be Nicaraguan native Dvern Hansack, who was called up from Double A Portland after getting the win in the deciding game of the Eastern League championship series. “To me, it was a big surprise…To win a championship and get called up, it was amazing.” said Hansack. He will pitch against Toronto’s funny looking guy with the funny glasses, Gustavo Chacin.

    Injury report update: Once again, the boston medical team is looking at Manny’s knee to see what is what–no news at this point. Why don’t we all just face facts and shut him down for the season??? Matt Clement is throwing off the mound without sobbing like a little girl, which is a step in the right direction. The Sox are still hoping he will pitch this season…Kason Gabbard has no structural damage to his balky left lat muscle, based on the tests he had this week. He will throw a side session today and go from there, but hopes to pitch again this season. Kevin Youkilis left game last night with neck strain, after returning to the lineup with a bum shoulder…and in the “Don’t get your hopes up” department: Jonathan Papelbon threw from 60 feet and his shoulder exam came out all clear yesterday–but chances are he will not pitch again this season…

    Well done, ‘Tek: Jason Varitek was honored last night for having caught 1,009 games for the team. Carlton Fisk, the GREATEST Catcher of all time thankyouverymuch, presented Varitek, the 2nd Greatest Catcher of all time thankyouverymuch, with a bronzed catcher’s mitt to commemorate Varitek’s 1,000 games caught with the Sox. Said Fisk. “You can tell by his actions on the field that the most important part of his game is behind the plate…You’ve got more value there, more chance to influence the outcome of the game back there, than you do three or four or five times you come to the plate.”

    Tonight: Welcome Back, Curt Schilling vs. Boof Bonser (insert joke here….)7:05pm–we GOTTA beat a guy named Boof….

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