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  • September 16th, 2006

    Red Sox 5, Skankees 2 One step closer…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:12 pm in General Comment (1)

    …To not getting swept–and not allowing a clinch when we are in their house… Only need one more win for that to happen…

    Not that this is any great revelation, or even anything new, but there is NO difference to watching a game on FOX or YES… If there is, I’m not seeing it…The commentation is so Skankee skewed its horrible to watch…And since the recent downward spiral of the Red Sox, it appears that the status quo has resumed: The Skankees are “Truth Justice and the American Way” and the Sox are Henry Lee Lucas…

    Sal Fasano IS Jeffrey Tambour , I KNOW It…

    I know this is terrible, and if I actually had one of those Red Sox Nation Cards, they would probably take it away from me, but is so HARD to watch the Sox play the Skanks…just looking at them…makes….me….SICK…. I have talked about this before, even citing some examples as to why I feel this way–and it doesn’t change…and it doesn’t even matter that these games really don’t count anymore…the Skankees are just…YUK

    Tonight: Julian Tavarez vs Randy Johnson 8:05pm…

    One Response to “Red Sox 5, Skankees 2 One step closer…”

    1. kaylee says:

      Thanks for the comment on my blog. The second game wasn’t as exciting as the firs (results wise) but they were fun to watch. If we win one tomorrow they cant clinch against us. Okay i have a fever of 103. so I am going to bed now.

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