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  • September 14th, 2006

    Red Sox 0, Oreos 4 Par for the Course…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:01 am in General Comment (1)

    You always know when Tim Wakefield is pitching–99% of the time he will pitch well enough for the win (5 IP 10H 4R 3 ER 2 BB 2 SO), throwing 78 pitches, 52 for strikes…but doesn’t get enough run support to actually GET the win…(2 hits, 0 runs) Although he felt fine when he left the game after 5, he had very few reasons to be happy, in light of the Sox continuing donward spiral…”It was very frustrating for me to not be able to contribute somehow to try to stop the bleeding.” Said Wake, “I got hurt, ‘Tek got hurt, Trot got hurt, Manny is hurt. It’s unbelievable. I’ve never been a part of a team going through this many injuries. Mike Lowell’s playing; I’m sure his body is killing him…You’ve got to accept it for what it is, you have to move on. We have 17 games left, we have to continue to play. We can’t give up right now.”

    How is THIS for cheery news? The Skanks magic number to clinch the AL East is 7, which means any combination of their wins and losses matching that number will clinch their ninth straight division title….and I can almost guarantee it will happen THIS weekend, when the Sox are there….UGH…I am now going to stab myself in the head with a fork…manyMANY times…

    So much for the marquee match up…Curt Schilling will not be pitching against Randy Johnson on Saturday, and chances are he will not be pitching at Skankee stadium at all. Yes, his strained lat muscle is better, but since he will not pitch his simulated game until today (it was supposed to be yesterday) because of a “sluggish arm”, he has been bumped… “I think his side feels pretty good, I just think his arm felt a little sluggish,” said Tito “I think that’s the best way to put it, because he had so much downtime.” Schilling has missed his last 2 starts in the rotation…

    1000 games: Although it appears that Mike Timlin may not have enough to get it done anymore (at least in any consistent fashion.) and will be 41 in March, he has no plans on retiring. I’m going to pitch next year,” said Timlin. “I want to reach 1,000 games.” He is currently 46 games shy of the mark. If sucessful, he will be the 11th pitcher in MLB history to reach the milestone…

    Looking forward: The Yankee dates for the 2007 campaign:
    At Fenway: April 20-22, June 1-3, Sept. 14-16.
    At Skankee Stadium: April 27-29, May 21-23, Aug. 28-30.

    Tonight: Lenny DiNardo vs Adam Loewen, 7:05pm

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