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  • September 12th, 2006

    Red Sox 9, Kansas City 3 I wish I could be happy about this win…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:40 am in General Comments (2)

    While I am glad we won, and that the bats seemed to have come alive again, and Big Papi’s homer, I just keep going back to THIS awful stat: we are 23 and 24 since the all-star break–the SAME RECORD AS THE ROYALS…

    And that depresses the HELL out of me…..

    And looking ahead to 4 games with the Skanks does nothing for my disposition… and neither does Jeter’s comments in response to Papi’s comments about the MVP. The whole “We are trying to win a division here” stuff… Hey, stud, in case you haven’t noticed, that is not going to be a problem…but if course, when I read it today, the author talked about how “smooth” “Jetes” is–and I am willing to bet SOMEONE will write about what a class act he is…PUHLEES…Am I the only one who sees what a overrated grandstanding, sanctimonious JERK he is??? He is so precious I could freaking SCREAM…UGH….I am now going to gouge out my eyes….

    Some random thoughts before I do….

    Where the heck is Tim Wakefield??? Last week they’re talking about him being penciled in for this series with the Oreos, as his simulated games were going well…and now…nuthin… Did he relapse?

    Looks like Curt will pitch in the big “marquee” match up against Randy Johnson on Saturday afternoon…and it also looks alike we will totally miss having to pitch Kevin Jarvis vs the Skanks…which is never a bad thing…

    Oh, how far have we fallen…The Sox are currently 76-67…UGH…. In order to finish with 85 (85!!) wins, we must go 9-10 in these last 19 games…What has been our records in the few years? I am glad you asked…since 2001 (when we last finished with under 90 wins…)

    2005: 95-67
    2004: 98-64
    2003: 95-67
    2002: 93-69
    2001: 82-79

    Oooooh Boy….

    Tonight: Kason Gabbard vs Daniel Cabrera (always reminds me of the OC..) 7:05pm–Hopefully we can still beat THIS team…

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 9, Kansas City 3 I wish I could be happy about this win…”

    1. Peter N says:

      Hello there, and another good post. But……..do you want Timmy to come back before his rib injury is fully healed. And when NOTHING is at stake. Please tell. He has been “hearts full” the best guy to have on our team. Just curious….I’m not being nasty, just curious.

    2. Christine E says:

      I agree with you completely, Peter–I don’t want him back, hurt, when the games no longer matter…

      But I am wondering where he is at..since all of a sudden the Sox got very very quiet on the subject…

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