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  • September 8th, 2006

    Red Sox 1, White Sox 8 Knew it was too good to be true…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:13 am in General Comments (3)

    After tonight 21 games remain before the post season starts–the 1st one the Red Sox will not be participating in since 2002…Cat Sh*t!!!

    Wake me up: Tim Wakefield threw another simulated game on Wednesday, going five innings and throwing 80 pitches. “I got up and down five times and everything felt okay,” said Wakefield. “In warm-ups, it took me a little bit longer than normal. I expected that, but once I got loose and got going I felt pretty good.”If all goes well (the magic words these days…) Wake will probably return to the Red Sox rotation next week on the road against Baltimore. Whooo Hooo!!

    In his press conference the other night, Jon Lester said the following: “…knock on wood, God willing we’ll be back in February and I’ll see you guys Feb. 18. We’ll strap it on and throw some bullpens and do all that stuff, but right now I’m just thinking about the first treatment.” You really have to respect a guy who uses “God” and “strap it on” in the same sentence..Although his frequent use of “we” when talking about himself is a bit strange…

    Everyone is getting all uppity and incensed about the whole “Anabel Sanchez throws a no-no” and Cla Meredith, who was traded the Padres as part of the Doug Mirabelli/Josh Bard trade, has pitched 29 consecutive scoreless innings, and has not allowed a run since July 18, And lets not forget Josh Bard, who could not catch Tim Wakefield to save his left, was traded back for Doug Mirabelli, and has a season batting average of .319 as a part-time catcher…


    It’s a pretty well-known fact that the National League is WAAAAAAAAAYYYY different than the American League, as evidenced by when the majority of people move from one league to the other, they either do substationally worse (moving to the AL) or substantially better (moving to the NL) I know I am not the only one who has heard the NL referred to as “AAAA”..The pitching is different, the hitting is different (DH vs non-DH). ALOT is different…

    And let’s not forget the fishbowl/caldron that is Boston fans/media and the like…the Skanks are the same way–how many players have played for either team and TANKED, and then went somewhere else and excelled? Jose Contreras, Jeff Weaver, Edgar Renteria, etc etc etc…

    Has Theo made some mistakes? Definitely, but freaking out because someone we traded did well in the National League? Worry about something else–like the possibility that Theo could go after Gary Sheffield for Right Field next

    Now THERE is a disgusting thought…

    Tonight: Josh Beckett vs. Odalis Perez 7:05pm

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 1, White Sox 8 Knew it was too good to be true…”

    1. Peter N says:

      After tonight (a win?), we have 21 to go. And the Royals should be overmatched. At least that would have been true a month and a half ago. But we have 22 and counting. Happy weekend everybody.

    2. Christine E says:

      You’re right, Peter, 21 games….I forgot about that 4th game with the Skanks…as part for that day/night doubleheader on 9-17…UGH

      Go Sox!

    3. Alice Kinston says:

      Merely a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw outstanding style. “Treat the other man’s faith gently it is all he has to believe with.” by Athenus.

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