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  • September 3rd, 2006

    Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 5 A Homecoming…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:23 am in General Comments (4)

    Sox get Punk’d: A.J. Burnett, pitching a complete-game three-hitter, struck out five. The only run came on, of all things, a GIDP by Eric Hinske in the seventh. Said Francona. “We had the one inning where we got the infield hit. We put him in motion and Lowell shoots it to right, and it looks like we have at least a chance to do something and then we hit into the double play.”

    Of course we counter with Kevin Jarvis, who was the 27th pitcher the Sox have utilized this season. He has a lifetime record of 34 W – 48 L. Remind me again why we got rid of the Jason Johnson Experiment? So we could get his clone???

    What we have all been waiting for: Alex Gonzalez, Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon are all expected to be with the Sox for today’s game!!! Whoo Hooo! While Tito said A-Gone will be the starting shortstop, he wants to give ‘Tek and Trot a day to reacclimatize themselves….Uh WHY??? They can rest in a month, when our season is over, cause we won’t be playing in October (at least not past the 1st day of the month.) They are professional baseball players–what is this acclimating nonsense! Get them in the game! We need them…NOW.

    As if one start by Julian Tavarez wasn’t enough, looks like he will be starting instead of Curt Schilling on Monday vs the Pale Hose…”Unless something crazy happens, that’s what we’d like to do,” said Tito. Ok, and Tavarez starting for the 2nd time in a week would not be considered something crazy???

    Some more good news: “The most important thing to know right now is that I have no problem with my heart,” said Big Papi. “That’s the best answer I’ve had in the last couple of days. The doctors came to me and they tell me, ‘Hey, your heart is fine. We’re just going to keep on tracking and see if you get the pain back. We’re not going to tell you we’re 100 percent sure…but we might be 97 percent sure that it doesn’t have anything to do with you’re heart.'” While Ortiz waits for the green light to play, he is currently outfitted with a medical device that allows him to push a button if he experiences chest pain again, recording the episode electronically for doctors to review. He will be reevaluated on Monday. Best case scenario? He could be playing on Tuesday…

    Apparently, Jonathan Papelbon will be having a MRI on his on Monday and could return in five to seven days. He was at Fenway on Saturday and said he felt a little stiff, weak and tired. Why wait? Can’t they get him a MRI right now?

    Wake Update: Tim Wakefield is scheduled to throw again on Wednesday. Francona said Wakefield could pitch now, but the team wants the injury to completely heal. “He is getting better, but it’s taking a little longer than he wants or we want,” said Francona

    Whew! A-Fraud went 0-3 in the Skankee defeat against the Twins yesterday! I was fearful my list did something horrible, like actually help! ;-D

    Today: Josh Beckett vs the strange man with the funny sunglasses, Gustavo Chacin, 4:05pm

    4 Responses to “Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 5 A Homecoming…”

    1. R. Logan says:

      I like that I can come here and get everything important about the Red Sox I need to, instead of having to go to alot of sites and wade through alot of stuff.

      Thank you.

    2. Peter N says:

      No wading here, R.

    3. Peter N says:

      Christine, did you see that I and my blog went to number one on the Top 100 baseball list??I can’t believe it!!!!! Take care..love it here. Wish my comments could be approved automatically.

    4. julie says:

      I wish we could have had Trot and Tek in the lineup today, along with Papi… the only good news there is that I will get to see their Fenway returns tomorrow at the game! Hopefully we will win so we can prove that our speculations were correct about needing them badly. Either way, I will be booing the heck out of Ozzie Guillen and AJ Pierzynski!

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