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  • September 1st, 2006

    Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 4 Happy Expanding Roster Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:42 am in General Comments (8)

    Does anyone have Alex Rios’ address? I would like to send flowers, or perhaps a fruit basket…just to say “thank you” for helping us out last night…It was unexpected, and oh so thoughtful…

    In the 7th inning Rios, in his attempt to catch Alex Cora’s fly ball, swatted it off his right hand and into the bleachers for a two-run homer that broke up the a 4-4 tie. Had Rios not helped out, it would have likely bounced into the seats for a ground-rule double, keeping Pedroia at third and Cora at second. When it happened,I could not believe they gave him the home run, I thought they would score it an error, and that Cora would get a double out of it. But the fact that a goofy thing like that happened in our favor, was much overdue–and what made it even goofier is the fact that its been over a year (and 245 at bats) since Alex Cora has hit a home run…

    Can I just tell you how shocked and dismayed to see Julian Tavarez get the start last night, although he did what he needed to do and was not horrible…(3 innings, 3 earned runs, 5 hits, 3 strikeouts, 64 pitches). I think his problem is…he was a much better pitcher (and much more entertaining) when you weren’t sure when/if he would freak out and chew off his own leg….this more boring version of him just is not getting it done. Perhaps if they ease up on the meds, let SOME of the voices in his head come back?

    At least with this win, even if the Sox do not win any more games this series, the worse we can end up is tied for 2nd place…and beating Doc Halladay was a HUGE boost–but tonight its Ted Lilly–and Kyle Snyder…UGH…

    Keep the positive vibes going: No update on Jon Lester at this point, only the statement from Sox medical director Thomas Gill: “Jon Lester has been undergoing testing to determine the cause of the back pain he has been experiencing. During the course of that process, some enlarged lymph nodes were identified. Jon was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital on Wednesday for further evaluation and testing. Jon is resting comfortably.” This does not sound good–at all…

    Godspeed David Wells: Finally got that trade to the Padres he requested in the off-season, as he was traded to the team for a player-to-be-named later, likely Triple A catching prospect George Kottaras. This will be Wells’second stint with the Padres, having pitched for them in 2004, and compiling 12-8 record with a 3.73 ERA. “David was appreciative of the opportunity we gave him to play for a team near his hometown,” said Theo. “In the end, we had four semifinalists and then two finalists and we made the deal we felt was best for our organization.” As the Sox tumbled out of contention, Epstein felt the best course of actions was to acquire a player who could help the team in 2007, and with the limited availability of catchers and the Sox having no one close to joining Jason Varitek, Kottaras makes sense.

    Welcome to Fenway, Carlos Pena: This is the type of stuff that warms my heart: Carlos Pena, who has been so excited to play for the team he watched growing up, got the start at 1st base in his 1st game at Fenway last night–and he was so excited, he put his home whites on 90 minutes early…”Everybody’s like, `What are you doing?’ ” Pena. “I’m like, `Don’t worry about it, just let me get this thing on and get it over with, so I can have it on and when the game starts I’ll be ready.” Pena went 1 for 3 with a wall ball double in the win, but he made some very good plays at 1st base, as part of 3 double plays, and some great work in the 9th…

    Speaking of Penas,Wily Mo got his cortisone shot Wednesday, and will probably return to the lineup in the next few days. There is no timetable for the return of Manny, who is still battling patella tendonitis…

    Other injury updates: Trot was the DH in Pawtucket’s game last night, going 0-4, he will play 2 more games there, and probably be activated Sunday or Monday. ‘Tek, who was at Fenway yesterday to workout with the team, will catch 5 inning for the PawSox tonight, 7 tomorrow, and have Sunday off, before being reactivated on Monday. A-Gon, who also worked out with the team, will play in Pawtucket on Saturday, and will probably be activated Sunday,w hen he is due to come off the DL…

    Stupid Dan has an article today about how the 2006 Red Sox need to be held accountable–and who, Stupid Dan, are they accountable TO? You? The Fans? Someone else? And I guess the question I have is: Who, exactly, are YOU accountable to?

    Some good news: David Ortiz, who was released from Mass General yesterday, spoke with Tito, who indicated Big Papi was was very upbeat. While Francona said the club did not have a timetable for Ortiz’s return, according to the Associated Press, Ortiz told a radio station in the Dominican Republic he expects to play tomorrow. “We sent him home to be careful,” Francona said. “To deviate from that plan now, in my opinion, would be stupid. We’re not going to be stupid.”

    Holy Buckets! So, I post the “how to cheer up A-Fraud” list, and he breaks out of his slump, having 3 hits, including a homer yesterday… Coincindence? Or are there 3 million puppies running around the Stadium??? hmmmmmmmm

    Tonight: Kyle Snyder vs. Ted Lilly 7:05: Can anyone invoke the reverse lock for this one?

    8 Responses to “Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 4 Happy Expanding Roster Day!”

    1. Peter N says:

      And I like happy endings….for baseball!

    2. R. Logan says:

      But I don’t think we are going to get a happy ending this year…:-(

    3. Peter N says:

      Here’s the address……..no, oops, just kidding. It’s just that I’m so happy because I thought my computer’s sound was malfunctioning, but nooooo…it’ works! And I’m happy TAKE CARE

    4. peter N says:

      True…I’ m new here. Just kidding! And what the heck, happy holiday weekend. From Peter

    5. Peter N says:

      Lester positive for lymphoma…a “treatable” cancer..there’s such a thing?? I’m sad.

    6. Christine E says:

      I think in the coming days and weeks, information regarding Jon Lester’s condition will be available. While it’s a horrible thing, perhaps raising awareness about Lymphoma is not…

      Hang in there, Jon, the Nation is with you.

    7. julie says:

      hey! i’m finally commenting at your blog!
      as you probably read at my blog, i was at the game last night and there was one drunk guy heckling alex rios nonstop all night. just at the climax of his heckling, alex cora hit a ball towards rios… and we all know what happened next. so what most people don’t know is that the drunk guy next to me won the game for us.
      i can’t even believe that the hugely talented 22-year old prospect has cancer. i can’t believe it. there must be a curse on this team. there’s no other explanation for the enormous number of injuries we’ve had.
      we did have a nice win tonight. snyder was excellent, but i sure hope paps is ok. losing him would be so awful.

    8. Peter N says:

      And check out Julie’s blog for an up close an personal observation of the Rios aided homer. From just a few seats away!

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