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  • Archive for August, 2006

    Red Sox 4, Kansas City 6 SIGH…..

    If not for the fact that the WHITE Sox pulled a rabbit out of a hat by managing to stage a rally against Mariano Rivera in the ninth to tie the score at 5 and then a Jermaine Dye single to score the winning run against Scott Proctor in the 11th, the RED Sox would […]

    Rainy Days and Off Days always get me down…

    All righty then…a 10,000 ft view of the KC Royals: 38-73, Bottom of the AL Central, 37 games behind Detroit and the worst team in the American League. Any questions? No? Are we clear on expectations? Or do we need to review? How bout we review once more for those of us playing at home? […]

    Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 7–In 10 innings… The line to the Tobin Bridge will proceed in an orderly fashion…

    Believe it or not, The Jason Johnson Experiment was a success yesterday, pitching 6 strong, giving up only 1 earned run and striking out 3…But the other run he allowed was a result of his own error. That is something I never understood. If an error is made by the pitcher and “unearned” run(s) are […]

    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 2 Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay 8 We could have been tied for 1st place again…

    After the Skanks tanked today against the Oreos, 5-0, with the only person to get a hit for the Skanks was their newest lapdog Bobby Abreu–does that make him a “real Yankee” now??? But of course we picked this night to leave far too many men on base, (10) and Tasty Possum pitched his little […]

    Red Sox 6, Indians 7 Cleveland, we’ve got a problem…

    W…T…F??? What is it with Josh Beckett and the freaking homeruns??? And the topper on the cake last night was the grand slam he gave up to that 12 year old who is batting .208 and only have one other major league homer EVER… I understand, you want to pound the strike zone with fast […]

    Red Sox 6, Indians 5 Mark Loretta: Super Hero

    I didn’t have a good feeling about this game: Jeremy Sowers, owner of not 1 but TWO complete game shut out in his last 2 starts–who does that? The Sox, AS A TEAM, have one complete game this season… vs Jon Lester, who was pretty freaking brilliant for a while, but has gotten beat up […]

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