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  • August 31st, 2006

    Red Sox 2, Oakland 7 Is this EVER going to end???

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:48 pm in General Comment (1)

    This is not even close to being amusing anymore: Jon Lester, who returned to Boston to be checked out for his aching back, has been diagnosed with enlarged lymph nodes, according to sources. Such a symptom can be caused by an array of issues, from infections to cancer. Cancer? CANCER? I reallyREALLY hope they are right about this, ’cause if they are just parading this possibility out to sell more papers, I think that is uber-sh*tty… Sending the positive vibes to Jon…

    Some better news: Big Papi’s test results are coming in, and he is passing with flying colors! Both the echocardiogram and a stress test he took Wednesday at Mass General came back negative…4 Boston cardiologists interviewed said a negative result on those benchmark tests means his heart is structurally sound. If the tests showed he had heart disease, the team would have much more reason for concern, they said. The irregular heartbeats Papi experienced can be as minor as a few skipped beats or serious enough to require medication, or, in rare cases cause death. If all goes well on the remaining tests, “He should be able to return to regular activity while being monitored,” said Dr. Charles Dow, a cardiologist at New England Baptist Hospital. And news this morning is he has been released from the hospital! Yeah!

    Farewell David Wells?: David Wells is still scheduled to pitch tonight’s game at Fenway vs Roy Halladay, but its likely he will be traded. Many sources have indicated Wells will be traded back to his native San Diego, unless the Dodgers are willing to trade one of its top three prospects, which seems unlikely at this point. If he goes to the Padres’ we’ll probably get catcher George Kottaras, who is ranked the #2 prospect in the Padres organization this season by Baseball America. Although I hate the fact that we are waving the white flag, at this point, what else can we do? While I am never happy to see a season end, at least its over early and quickly…its not like we are going to struggle till the end, only to be disappointed…But its still SUCKS…

    More horribleness: The AL East Standings:

    Skanks     78W     53L     –GB
    Boston     71W     62L     8 GB
    Toronto     69W     64L     10GB
    Baltimore     60W     72L     18.5GB
    Satan Fish     52W     81L     27GB

    We will start a 4 game series vs Toronto tonight…with only 2 games separating us…and the series record is: 4-7, in Toronto’s favor…UGH…

    Let’s break it down…
    We win 0/ They Win 4: We end up in 3rd Place, 2 GB
    We win 1/ They Win 3: We end up tied for 2nd place
    We win 2/ They Win 2: No change in standings
    We win 3/ They Win 1: 4 GA; still in 2nd place
    We win 4/ They Win 0: 6 GA; still in 2nd place

    So, the bottom line is we need to win at least 2, that way we don’t lose anything in the standings (at least not at the moment…) But the way things have been going, I don’t even feel I can make a prediction….I think having Trot and ‘Tek and A-Gon back WILL help–I just don’t know how long it will take…

    Tonight: David Wells? Lenny DiNardo? Christine E? vs. Roy Halladay 7:05pm….Here we go…

    One Response to “Red Sox 2, Oakland 7 Is this EVER going to end???”

    1. Peter N says:

      And the longer the “no news” about Jon, the more I’m worried. And thanks for the email. Take care. I’ll be reading.

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