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  • August 30th, 2006

    Red Sox 1, Oakland 2 Another Day, Another Black Dot…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:38 pm in General Comments (2)

    Is this how the fans of crappy teams feel? Am I the only one who feels like it has been FOREVER since we won a game? The Black Dot on the calendar feels automatic…this SUCKS…

    Big Papi flew home to Boston yesterday afternoon, arriving last night, and was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital for several days of testing under the supervision of Sox internist Dr. Larry Ronan. “This comes down to health,” said Tito. “We’ll gladly put him in the lineup but not until we know we’re not going to jeopardize his life…We really don’t feel like he’s going to keel over. He was tested the other night. A lot of people have these things. We can’t chance this. No way.”

    Also returning with Big Papi was Manny and Wily Mo. Francona said that Pena, who has a sore wrist, asked to have a cortisone shot recently. “We decided let’s let him go back and see the doctor and get the cortisone shot if appropriate and spend a couple of days to heal and then rejoin us when we go back. We’re not going to use him here anyway.”

    Said Theo, “In Manny’s case, he needs to be looked at again. It’s a legitimate injury. We’ve rested it, that hasn’t worked. We want them to look at him again. He may need further rest. We’ll see, but he certainly wasn’t going to be able to play the next two days. The diagnosis stands; we’re just looking for a solution to make him feel better.”

    David Wells also made the trip home, as he is scheduled to start tomorrow night’s game at Fenway…although if sources are to be believed, there is an 80-90% chance he will be playing for another team by then…the Padres, Dodgers, and Cardinals are the contenders at this point…The Sox have until midnight tomorrow to deal Wells for him to be eligible for a team’s postseason roster…

    Reinforcements on the way: Theo indicated last night that ‘Tek, Trot and A-Gon will be back–after their respective stints in Pawtucket: Trot will DH on Thursday, play right on Friday and then DH again on Saturday,’Tek will catch 5
    innings on Friday and 7 innings on Saturday, and A-Gon will start Friday and Saturday at short; All should be activated for Sunday’s game vs Toronto

    My question is: Why bother with rehab starts? Its not like they could cause us to lose here…and if they can play THERE, they can play with the Sox. I understand that A-Gon is not eligible to come off the DL until Sunday, which is
    when he will be activated, but can’t we get Jason and Trot back here? Hell, Trot could DH–with all due respect to Mark Loretta–a DH he is not…

    Wake up?: Tim Wakefield will throw another side session today. If all goes well, he’ll throw some batting practice on Friday…It goes without saying–that is why I am going to say it: We need Wake–desperately…

    Today: Curt Schilling (1 strikeout away from 3,000) vs. Barry Zito 3:35pm

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 1, Oakland 2 Another Day, Another Black Dot…”

    1. Peter N says:

      Go Curt for number 3000. And we, as Sox fans, have so much on our “to worry about” plate. And I’m glad you’re there, to write. Me too. Peter…

    2. Peter N says:

      And I love to see my few but, maybe timely comments here, just as much as I like to read your posts. Any way to be approved? And thanks….3pm is coming up so soon! And then….then…Fenway! Lost cause??? No, not now. Love your writing.

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