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  • August 29th, 2006

    Red Sox 0, Oakland 9 ooooooh boy….

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:24 pm in General Comment (1)

    I reallyREALLY did not think it could get worse than it has (which is ALWAYS an incorrect assumption.) But the news that Big Papi is returning to Boston because of the irregular heartbeat issue again strikes worry and fear in my heart….and it has nothing to do with baseball…

    And the most amazing thing of all–Big Papi wanted to PLAY ANYWAY…he had to be convinced by Tito and Theo to go back to his hotel room–He will be returning to Boston today for tests “We honestly think he’s OK…said Tito. “He’s
    going to go back to Boston and he’s going to get a clean bill of health. “We can’t play him like that,” continued the manager, who said Ortiz wanted to play. “As much as we want to win, we can’t do it.” How many others do you think would have been willing to play? THIS is the legend of Big Papi…

    Its interesting to note that Dan Shaughnessy had nothing to say in today’s Globe…coincidence? or something more?

    Sending tons and TONS of positive vibes to Big Papi..get well soon!!!

    Some good news tho: Doug Mirabelli said he is fit enough to play and probably will get he start tonight, which means he will be catching Josh Beckett, which is HUGE…he caught him last week where he was brilliant–before the paper
    cut…and we have all seen how he fares with JV…

    Also, it appears that Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon will be activated around the time the Sox return to Boston, which is for Thursday’s game against Toronto…although a rehab assignment may not be out of the question, time is
    running out for those, as Pawtucket’s regular season ends on Monday.

    If you look at the scoring on our last 5 games (of which we have won 1)
    Red Sox 2, 0, 3, 3, 0 =8
    Other 1, 6, 6, 6, 9 =28

    One word: UGH…

    Josh Beckett vs. Kirk Saarloos 10:05pm: The last late game of this year! And it can either very badly, or very well…depending on a paper cut…

    One Response to “Red Sox 0, Oakland 9 ooooooh boy….”

    1. Peter N says:

      Hi Christine. Your blog is listed under links. And I’ve read some of your posts, and they’re great. A match made in Heaven. Let me know when or if you have mine up. Pray for Papi.

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