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  • August 16th, 2006

    Red Sox 3, Tigers 2 A game that was completely winnable…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:39 pm in General No Comments

    As we continue our losing ways in what some people are calling “Danger Week” I feel our chances for October Ball grow more and more dim…

    Bill Simmons has a good breakdown of all of the AL teams and their potential to win it all- I would say great or excellent, if only he did not predict the Skanks taking it all….

    Some random thoughts:

    Schill was great last night–went 7+ innings, and only gave up 2 runs–the hits (9) are still a bit high, but this is a game he should have won…

    As much as I like Mike Timlin–Not liking this: “We’ve been throwing the ball really well,” Timlin said. “I’m not calling anybody out, but we haven’t scored a whole lot. We’re pitching well, we’re holding teams down, and they’re doing the same to us.”

    Uh, Mike, honey, snookums, I think you are misinformed- Let’s break it down–To the Blackboard!

    For the last 14 games, our record is 5-9:

    August 1     L 3-6
    August 2     W 6-5
    August 3     L 6-7
    August 4     W 3-2
    August 5     L 5-8
    August 6     L 6-7
    August 8     L 4-6
    August 9     L 4-5
    August 10     L 4-5
    August 11     W 9-2
    August 12     W 8-7
    August 13     W 11-9
    August 14     L 4-7
    August 15     L 2-3

    Total Runs Scored Sox: 78
    Total Runs Scored Opponents: 76

    Avg Runs Per Game Sox: 5.6
    Avg Runs Per Game Opponents: 5.43

    On what planet is 5.43 runs allowed by pitching “holding teams down” or “pitching well”??? EIGHT of these games were decided by 1 run, with 4 of the 5 Sox wins happening then…

    So I guess the bottom line is…the pitching is giving up too many runs, and the Sox are not scoring enough….hmmm…Sounds like Baseball to me….

    David Wells vs. Justin Verlander 7:05

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