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  • August 12th, 2006

    Red Sox 9, Oreos, 2 Whew!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:27 am in General No Comments

    Fenway Socks.jpg

    Holy Buckets! Nothing like a game at home to right the ship! Hopefully the 1-5 road trip was a horrible abberation and this is the way they will contine to play.

    Since the Skanks lost, picked up a game on the division (on 2 GB) Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the Wild Card Race, since the ChiSox beat the Tigers…

    Because I can’t help myself: So, if the Sox sweep the Oreo’s (which COULD happen) and then the Angles sweep the Skanks (also could happen) we would then reclain ground and be tied for 1st place…Yeah, I know, the other day I felt we would never win again…

    David Wells is back to his old wily self: Only took him 3 games to do it…The line from last night: 7IP, 9H 1R, 1ER, 1BB and 4SO to bring his ERA down to 6.23. If he can stay on this path, it will be a HUGE help down the stretch…and his excellent performance helped a depleted bullpen rest last night…

    All in a days work: A fastball from Orioles lefty Adam Loewen ricocheted and hit the side of Mike Lowell’s helmet in the 1st inning. After convincing everyone he was fine, even joking with Tito, “`I said, `Are you OK?’ and he said, `I’m fine, Frank’. he took 1st base and stayed in the game. Just two innings later, Lowell took a header into the stands (similar to the one Jeter took during infamous extra innings game in July 2004) to catch Nick Markakis’s foul, managing to hold onto it as he wound up on his back. He also hit an RBI single off the Green Monster and stole third base (his 2nd steal of the season) with a headfirst slide during the seven-run 3rd inning.

    Everyone in the starting 9 got at least a hit (with Loretta getting 3), and Manny extended his hitting streak to 25 games with a hit in the 1st inning that scored Coco Crisp…

    Even Good Kyle made an appearance in this game, going 2 innings, while only giving up 2 hits, including a solo homer to Corey Patterson, but also striking out 2…

    Today: The Jason Johnson Experiment vs. Kris Benson 1:25pm: A Fox Game we have no chance in hell of actually seeing…Go Sox!

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