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  • August 7th, 2006

    Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 7–In 10 innings… The line to the Tobin Bridge will proceed in an orderly fashion…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:23 pm in General No Comments

    Believe it or not, The Jason Johnson Experiment was a success yesterday, pitching 6 strong, giving up only 1 earned run and striking out 3…But the other run he allowed was a result of his own error.

    That is something I never understood. If an error is made by the pitcher and “unearned” run(s) are scored because of it-why are they unearned? It’s not like the mistake was out of his control–those he should not be penalized for…but runs as a result of his own error? They should be earned, and reflect as such.

    Caution: Rant in progress…I understand the Sox have a boatload of injuries and are down a bunch of pitchers and we have had 5 catchers in the last 7 days, and that is probably a record or something, but C’MON! This is not a valid excuse for the piss poor showing defensively…

    We lead ALL OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASBALL with a .990 fielding percentage–but the 2 errors in the last 2 games are the reason the Sox lost those games!!! This was FIVE unearned runs people!

    And WHY all of a sudden has the catcher’s at bat become a big SUCKING hole in the lineup? I know ‘Tek has been struggling all season (thankyouverymuch WBC…) But now it’s an automatic out! And it’s not just my imagination: Since July 31, Red Sox catchers are batting .111 (3 for 27) with one RBI. Here is how it breaks down: Mirabelli (2 for 10), Ken Huckaby (1 for 3, RBI), Javy Lopez (0 for 10), Miller (0 for 4). Still think ditching Ken Huckaby was a good idea??? And I seem to recall that JV has no problem beating the snot out of us when he played from the Oreo’s…Now all we get from him is a bunch of GIDP’s…like two in ONE GAME, including the one that ended Saturday night’s game with the bases loaded…if you are going to make an out, make ONE–strike out or something–but don’t take someone else out too…

    And on what planet does bringing Julian Tavarez out in the 10th inning make sense? There was no one else available??? No one??? I guess we should be grateful it wasn’t Rudy Seanez…Feh, how sad is that???

    And no fear, there is enough blame to go around…Yesterday’s game was when the bullpen decided to be a big bag of utter horribleness: MDC sucked, Mike Timlin (no one loves Mike Timlin more than I.) decided to throw batting practice, and Papelbon has one of his rare moments of being human..which could not have come at a worse time.

    And let me say for the record: the unsportsmanlike conduct of the Devil Rays Organization is disgusting–after their win yesterday in the 10th inning, with the PA system cranked up, they began to play “Sweet Caroline” and
    proceeds to scratch the needle across the record, cutting off Neil Diamond. THEN, Tampa Bay begins to play THEIR song, Bruce Springsteen’s “Better Days.” That is Cat Sh*t behavior, and I hope it will not go unanswered..

    Guess Keith does not call the shots: Although Keith Foulke has been telling everyone, (and the general consensus seemed to agree…) he will not be joining the Sox tomorrow in Kansas City, Mo. Tito mentioned that Foulke will pitch for Pawtucket Tuesday and Wednesday in back-to-back appearances, then join the club for the Baltimore series this weekend.

    Looks like Mike Lowell will be returning to action tomorrow, as his sore left foot has improved enough to allow him to do so….hopefully he won’t go fouling a pitch off the ankle until it completely heals. Since he has been out, Alex
    Cora has played third and has had two hits and two RBIs.

    More Depth, More Depth: Pawtucket’s Dustin Pedroia started at third base for the second time yesterday. Having only played second and short during his time in Pawtucket, he is getting a crash course at third to potentially help the Sox, if Mike Lowell’s foot problems continue…

    Mirabelli’s swelling is much decreased in his ankle and is hopeful he will return to the lineup during the Kansas City series.

    Slow and Steady: Lenny DiNardo threw a bullpen session on Saturday and was “greatly encouraged” by the results…He will continue working and hopes to be available when the Skanks come to town next weekend…

    Tonight: Off…and hopefully the break will allow everyone to rest and refocus their energy–because we got alot of work to do…

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