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  • August 3rd, 2006

    Red Sox 6, Indians 5 Mark Loretta: Super Hero

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:30 pm in General No Comments

    I didn’t have a good feeling about this game: Jeremy Sowers, owner of not 1 but TWO complete game shut out in his last 2 starts–who does that? The Sox, AS A TEAM, have one complete game this season… vs Jon Lester, who was pretty freaking brilliant for a while, but has gotten beat up for 10 runs in HIS last two starts (including one for his first loss…) And my feeling only got worse in the 1st inning when Lester threw 36 pitches and gave up 3 runs….ooohhh boy…You could tell Lester did not have his best stuff, ”…Tried to mix in some off-speed pitches,” said Lester, “Really didn’t have much tonight. Just basically throwing as much off-speed up there as we could just to keep them off the fastball.” Fortunately he simmered down to only allow the 3 runs and eight hits in six innings with three strikeouts, throwing 110 pitches.

    We then came back and managed to score 2 runs off Sowers in the 5th (A-Gon and Youkilis doubled and Loretta singled.) and then 2 more runs in the 6th off Brian Sikorski (a homer by Manny and a laser shot hit so hard by Wily Mo Pena it marked the wall behind the 1st row of the monster seats, causing fans to duck…)

    But then….Damn you, WBC!!! Yeah, Yeah, I know it was an honor and such, playing for your “county” (because Lenny DiNardo has even BEEN to Italy…) But it has caused nothing but CRAP–case in point: Mike Timlin, who has already had problems with dead arm and tiredness this season and has been struggling mightily, eg: the walk off homer he gave up last week to Richie Sexton in Seattle, causing us the loss, and last night’s problems: The double to
    Jason Michaels and the homer to Travis Hafner, which once again put us behind….

    Fortunately, Fausto Carmona, Cleveland’s struggling closer, decides to totally melt down last night. Here is what happened: strike out, strike out, hit by pitch, hit by pitch AGAIN, walk, and walk off double by Mark Loretta! Whooo
    Hoo!! Does anyone have Fausto’s address? I’d like to send him a fruit basket or something….

    I’m sorry, Tina Cervasio has to go…either that or someone needs to send her to TV announcer school…Yes, boys, I know she is pretty and all, but her questions SUCK…. for example to Mark Loretta last night: “Take us through what the team was thinking when you were down in the 9th”, or something like that…and she totally did not even GET when Mark was trying to be funny about Youkilis not being Greek….she is giving us women who love baseball a bad name…

    Overall, a good win….and we’ll take it…

    Bits and pieces:

    Jason Varitek is getting arthroscopic surgery done today to repair the partially torn meniscus cartilage in his left knee, but had actually considered not having the surgery and just rehabbing the knee. Unfortunately, where the
    damage is located, prevents him from getting into a squat to catch. The Sox will continue with the Jason Johnson Experiment, with his next start coming on Sunday night vs Tampa Bay. He will be staying in the rotation until
    further notice, probably until Tim Wakefield comes back, which is not looking like anytime soon…

    I am going to say what everyone else is thinking–Matt Clement is done, stick a fork in him…I would be very surprised if he pitches in a Red Sox uniform again…

    Kyle Snyder, after his stellar performance after the David Wells’ start had to be cut short ( 4.2 IP, 1 H) will stay in the bullpen as the long relief guy. He seems to fit the bullpen role Francona has been seeking, “It’s not a slap in the face, it’s more of a compliment,” Francona said. “I think Kyle can impact our bullpen. That’s welcome. That’s kind of that guy we’ve been missing.” Snyder, who has had four major arm surgeries in his career, seems to lose effectiveness after 5 innings of work, so the thinking probably is that if he stays in the bullpen, that problem can be avoided.

    David Wells had a side session yesterday with no ill effects–he knee appears to be fine at this point, and he will make his start on vs Tampa Bay on Saturday vs Casey Fossum (or, “tasty possum”, as my finance’ likes to call

    Keith Foulke might be able to throw today, depending on how his back feels. He is also scheduled to pitch Saturday.

    No big surprise here: David Ortiz was named American League Player of the Month for July, batting .339 in 26 games with league highs of 14 homers, 35 RBIs, 87 total bases, and 21 extra-base hits. This is his 2nd time winning the award (He also won the honor in September 2005) and he’s the only member of the Red Sox to win the award since 2003.

    Infielder Enrique Wilson, aka Manny’s Friend, was granted his release Monday from Pawtucket and will retire. In 62 games, Wilson hit .222 with three homers and 18 RBIs.

    Manny Ramirez extended his hitting streak to 18 games in the 6th with his 30th home run. For the ninth season in a row and 11th overall, he has reached the 30 homer milestone.

    Jonathan Papelbon, getting last night’s win, has not given up a hit since July 13 against Oakland, a stretch of seven innings.

    From the “How much does THIS suck” Department: If the season ended today, the Skanks would win the division, and we would have to play a 1-game playoff with the White Sox…UGH

    Tonight: Josh Beckett vs. Jake Westbrook 7:05pm

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