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  • August 1st, 2006

    Red Sox 9, Indians 8 Do I even need to say it?

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:31 pm in General No Comments

    If we lost last night, it would have been all whining about David Wells and his less than stellar performance (4.1IP H 8R 8ER 2BB 3SO 2HR) because we all know he REALLY DIDN’T NEED A REHAB START!!! Yeah, ok….

    But since Big Papi did it again–isn’t this the most amazing thing ever???the focus shifts.. Last night, I am watching the 9th inning–1 out, 2 men on, and David Ortiz comes to the plate…and I am hoping he will once again come through for us, but also thinking , “ok, he already had a walk off this week, and yes, he does it alot, he cannot do it every time” and then Holy Buckets! HE DOES IT AGAIN…homer straightaway center to win the game! Is this even possible? How can he be this clutch? Can we STOP the madness and just name him the MVP right now? and If I were David Wells, I would be giving Big Papi a big wet sloppy kiss for saving the day…

    But…there would not have been a day to save without Kyle Snyder, who came in and pitched the rest of the game (4.2IP 1H 0R 0ER 0BB 6SO 0HR) and pitched brilliantly….I was hoping we would see “good Kyle” as opposed to
    “evil Kyle”–it’s seems that they take turns–so it was Good Kyle’s night…and was it ever! Only downside is that Kyle was supposed to start tonight, and since our rotation is so horribly depleted, they are calling up the Jason Johnson Experiment to pitch tonight….UGH….

    As if we needed another reason why Big Papi is AMAZING: in the last 161 games (since July 31, 2005) , he leads the majors with 60 home runs and 166 RBI’s…Not that I am complaining, but you would think that managers would NEVER pitch to him…Yeah, I know, Manny is behind him, blah blah blah…But Manny does not come through like David does…

    Some worries on the injury front–Trot is on the DL with a grade 2 bicep strain, and will be out at least 3 weeks, but after Wily Mo’s display last night (3-3, only missing the hitting for the cycle by a double) and the fact that it will give Gabe some playing time as well…I think we’ll be ok…

    More urgent is the fact that Jason Varitek came up lame while running the bases last night. They are calling it a “knee sprain” and sending him for a MRI today…If Jason goes down, its not a good thing–at all. While Doug Mirabelli is more than competent (and face it, his bat is not much worse than Jason’s these days…) Jason just has that “je ne sais quoi”…Last night’s game also marked ‘Tek’s 1000th appearance as catcher, which puts him at 106 on the career list.

    A little disappointed (ok, maybe more than a little) that Theo did not come up big at the trade deadline–But if it would have cost him Jon Lester, or Craig Hansen, or Manny Delcarmen, just to make us a little better for a couple of months, it’s not worth it…and if Wells can get himself together, and Foulke would right the ship, and if we could even get 3-4 quality starts from Matt Clement–it would be like mid-season acquisitions…We’ll see…

    Tonight: The Jason Johnson Experiment vs CC. Sabathia 7:05pm….This could get ugly…

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