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  • Archive for August, 2006

    Red Sox 2, Oakland 7 Is this EVER going to end???

    This is not even close to being amusing anymore: Jon Lester, who returned to Boston to be checked out for his aching back, has been diagnosed with enlarged lymph nodes, according to sources. Such a symptom can be caused by an array of issues, from infections to cancer. Cancer? CANCER? I reallyREALLY hope they are […]

    9 Things we can do to support A-Rod and help him on his way…

    Editors Note: I wrote this a few weeks back, before the Skanks fiasco, but posting it then would have seemed like sour grapes, so I figured I would wait until the appropriate time….and that time is now, as my beloved Sox continue on a horrible downward spiral, and I need some cheering up… and, based […]

    Red Sox 1, Oakland 2 Another Day, Another Black Dot…

    Is this how the fans of crappy teams feel? Am I the only one who feels like it has been FOREVER since we won a game? The Black Dot on the calendar feels automatic…this SUCKS… Big Papi flew home to Boston yesterday afternoon, arriving last night, and was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital for several […]

    Red Sox 0, Oakland 9 ooooooh boy….

    I reallyREALLY did not think it could get worse than it has (which is ALWAYS an incorrect assumption.) But the news that Big Papi is returning to Boston because of the irregular heartbeat issue again strikes worry and fear in my heart….and it has nothing to do with baseball… And the most amazing thing of […]

    Red Sox 0, Mariners 6 Red Sox 3, Mariners 6 Red Sox 3, Mariners 6 Stick a fork in us…

    So, I have the Red Sox Schedule/Calendar on my wall at work–and everyday I mark a dot on the date, depending on the outcome of the game–Red dot for wins, and Black dot for non-wins (aka losses)..and today, I got to put three more black dots on the page–a page which, up until about a […]

    Red Sox 2, Angels 1 This really WAS a marquee match up…

    For 70 pitches in 6+ innings (Probably could have pitched a complete game at that rate!) Josh Beckett shut out the Angels with four hits and walked none. And then the top of the 7th–the 1st walk, to Garrett Anderson, and then 2 balls into a 2nd walk to Juan Rivera, Doug Mirabelli goes out […]

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